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Congratulations Kelly McDonald


Firstly, we want to thank all of our entrants so very much for entering our 2018 publishing competition. We received so many outstanding entries and we are honoured that these talented authors chose to submit their incredible stories to this competition.


All votes have now been tallied and we are super excited to announce the official winner of the White Light 2018 Publishing Competition:


Kelly McDonald


Please join us in congratulating Kelly. Her amazing story, ‘Darkness in Shelley’ will be published in the near future and we are excited to welcome Kelly into the White Light family!


We also send our sincere congratulations to our other finalists, Miriam Indries, Claudia Lighter and Steve Shaw.


Below are excerpts from each of our finalists entries.

Sarah, Adam, Delilah, Faith and Chris, the ‘Chosen Ones’, are on a spiritual quest to find and activate the Lemurian Ascension Stones. With each activation, the earth’s atmosphere will energetically shift on a spiritual level, which will prepare people for a change that is coming. The chosen ones’ purpose is to activate the “violet flame” that will bring much-needed ascension and peace, sending earth back to the ways of Atlantis and Lemuria. Ultimately, there will be a different way of living among the people of earth.


The way in which this brilliant book is written is not only engaging and enjoyable but more importantly, has an absolute truth to it. Including magic, mythology, romance, spirituality and quiet suspense, you will certainly feel moved and very likely, inspired as you read this profound story. 


Finding the Holy Grail allows you to contemplate the idea that there is more around us than meets the eye. You will be taken on a magical journey into the lives of the characters, into parallel worlds on different timelines and the spirit realms that exist beyond our world. Not only will this story uplift you but will spark an intrigue into the parallel worlds that exist from our own. 

Shelley is babysitting not only her brothers but now her cousins too. The ‘adults’ are off to the wedding of the year. Deemed old enough to babysit, but too young to be invited to the party, Shelley’s only thought is the pocketful of cash she will get out of it.


Shelley doesn’t know there is something else in the house. The roaming spirit knows she is there. He feels her, craves her, wants her. Things get a little scary as he tries to protect her from the wilfulness of the boys. Then, there is trouble at the wedding and Shelley and the kids have to stay in the house.

She doesn’t believe in ghosts, but it was getting rather obvious that something was in the house. She starts off thinking it is pretty cool to have a ghostly friend and protector. But as he becomes more obsessed, more controlling, and more dangerous, even committing murder, Shelley is left hiding inside herself.


How will she break free of his hold on her? She starts to rapidly sink into despair. Her life is taken over, as is her mind and body. It is actually her annoying little brother who sees what has happened to his sister and is the first to take steps to help her. He employs the help of a local priest. They exorcise her…. or do they?

Start with the End is a non-fiction, self-development book that invites readers to take a chance and join the writer on a literary walk towards self-discovery, finding clarity and purpose.

This book presents the reader with insight into spirituality and the significance the soul plays in our life on the physical dimension. Spirituality is introduced as a unique concept to each individual which they must discover for themselves and create their own model of the world based on the guidance they receive from within. Start with the End brings to light the idea that we all know our life purpose at birth as it is then we connect with the soul for the first time, but as we continue to grow and develop, we forget; so, all the experiences we go through in life lead us to rediscover it.

Start with the End is an inspirational read and a reminder that the connection we have with ourselves and the source/our soul is the most important aspect in living with clarity and purpose. The book shows that everything we want to receive from life is possible and it must always depend on our connection with the self because we hold the keys to all doors we wish to unlock, and it is through our experiences that we come to this realisation.

This exciting sci-fi/mystery novel tells the thrilling story of a young man living his dream of becoming a sleuth. Full of adventure and humour, and a wonderful dose of hope, this book is sure to have teens (and adults) everywhere wanting more.

Felix Mathis is a regular 14-year-old boy with the usual problems. As well as struggling with school bullies, strange crushes and troublesome parental issues, he also happens to have brilliant powers of deduction and a burning desire to become the world’s greatest detective. But when his sleep is disturbed by a series of loud crashes seemingly coming from beneath his house and his best friend Morgan tells him of a fiendish plot to injure their fellow student Ellie Baldwin, Felix cannot even begin to imagine the dramatic and dangerous path his investigations are set to lead him on.


As Felix struggles with his own investigations, Dominic Chase (a grizzled American spy) and Scarlett Romonova (a Victorian explorer who’s been frozen in time) two operatives working for the secret government agency SPIT, face a parallel struggle to control their latest house guest, a live Velociraptor, in a secret base deep beneath Felix’s house.

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