Welcome to our collaboration section. Where we get to work on books together!


At the moment we have "You are PERFECT as you are" a collaboration book for our LGBT community. It’s going to have positive words of wisdom FROM each other TOO each other to remind you, you are loved, wanted, safe and deserve to be here. You are perfect as you are and to keep going when it’s hard, look for the light ⭐
$5 from each and every sale of this book will be going to an Australian LGBT initiative. 

FB You are Perfect as you are.png

💫Do you have positive words that inspired you to never give up?


💫Maybe a quote that set your soul on fire? 


💫Was there an uplifting reminder that you  have never forgotten?       
💫What made you laugh out loud when you didn't think you could?


Inject some magic into someone's life by injecting some of YOU into the page that they are going to read in that moment, on the day when the world feels a little grey.

Interested? I'm looking for words of wisdom from the public in this exciting book collaboration - just fill your words in the link below 👇

We will also be looking for some art for the cover design. All entries will be showcased and promoted even if they are not chosen for the cover. So keep a look out on our socials to find out more!