Leanne Magoulias

Leanne Magoulias is an emotion therapist with medium abilities that she uses to communicate with those who have crossed over for the purposes of healing ancestral inherited emotions. Born in Australia, Leanne first embarked on her own healing journey more than 25 years ago and uses these insights to help heal her clients. Having assisted the personal growth of thousands of people all over Australia and the rest of the world to find their life purpose, Leanne also works as sports and bodyworks therapist. She is available for phone consultations for clients outside of Sydney who would like assistance with emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, phobias, relationship breakdowns, parenting issues, past-life regression, corporate counselling and reiki. Leanne lives in Sydney with her husband Sam and their two sons, Stephen and Peter.

Leanne's has recently published her first book, Wake Up!, which is available to order through our online book shop. Head over there now by clicking the book image below.


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Leanne's published work

Wake Up! | Leanne Magoulias | White Light Publishing House
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