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Elizabeth Blade

Through the years, Elizabeth has written poetry, and she believes that it has helped her overcome some troubling times in her life. She has compiled two poetry eBooks and she is planning on working on more.  Her first book, In Motion with Devotion - Volume One, was released in April 2015, with more to follow as each volume will be something new and a change of pace on various topics.

Elizabeth has also written a poetry book called A Rising Moon on Domestic Violence. Domestic Violence is in every corner of the globe. Through experiences witnessed or feelings that have delved inside due to media attention and news stories, Elizabeth decided to write an book about this. As a strong advocate that wants to see an end to this mindless violence, she is determined to have her voice heard.

In a poetic manner, Elizabeth whisks you into the world of poetry that she likes to call unique and ‘a world of its own’. Writing from the tender age of just five years of age, she would say the words out loud as her mother would over hear and write them down. Wise beyond her years, she was destined to write what she feels and share it in abundance.

Elizabeth’s next eBook will be In Motion with Devotion - Wonders That Be - Volume Two, which will be released later this year. She is also feverishly working on other novels besides poetry, such genres as crime, horror, thrillers and children’s books.

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