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Jodi Maher

Jodi Maher, author of An IVF Miracle from Mahers is based in Western Sydney, NSW.

Jodi completed 11 gruelling rounds of IVF to have her son, Jy and wrote her book so he could one day read how much his Mum wanted to have a baby.

Jodi sat this signed book on Jy's bookshelf for 5 years, wondering if she would ever publish it.

After a significant moment in late 2019 - as mentioned on Jodi's website, - Jodi decided to share her story with the world.

Jodi's hope was to connect, inspire and shine a ray of light for people who have struggled or may struggle as they try so incredibly hard to create and hold their baby, as Jodi's and her guests experienced. The included four short stories of pregnancy loss, reflection and beginnings remind us all how vulnerable a precious life is.

Our united message is, "You are not alone."

Jodi hopes her book inspires people who are touched by infertility or loss, people you care about or professionally support.

Jodi has received two Community Recognition Awards from Parliament House Australia for highlighting a global issue.

We all have a story...

"To all the babies in the world, thank you for meeting us in our dreams and nesting safely in our hearts."

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