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K. Isabella Frost

K. Isabella Frost was born in Melbourne, Australia, and comes from a long line of English Mediums as well as storytellers. From a young age, her mother was teaching her about reading, writing, and art which led to her love of literature and her interest in stage and film. She trained at the College of Creative Arts and Technology in Music Industry (Drama) and was mentored by Charles R. Slucki of Theatrica who encouraged her as an actress, a writer, and a psychic. She has also been trained by the wonderful instructors and psychics of Mystical Dragon Mystery College and Emporium in Seaford as an oracle reader, medium, and intuitive healer. She is also training as an Atlantian High Priestess.

She has been writing since the age of eight after her mother told her to start writing down her stories. She has a great love of fantasy and the supernatural and uses some experiences in her life to give her characters depth and emotion.

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