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Kathryn Toomey

My first published book, ‘My Magic Glitter Boots’ was written for my beautiful baby girl April, who is featured in two of the images inside the book. The story is focused all around the very boots I bought for her, and the adventures she has been on while wearing them. All the pictures are created by me taking photos of many favourite toys and household things and then putting them in favourite places.

I saw the White Light stand at the Mind Body Spirit Festival and was drawn to it immediately. After a chat with one of the ladies there, I decided to pop an entry in for the publishing package they were giving away. The following morning when I got the call saying I’d won the publishing competition, my first thought was, “I don’t know anything about how to write a book…”

Little did I realise, that I had inspiration right in front of me… my little girl! And that is how ‘My Magic Glitter Boots’ was born!

Kathryn has had background roles in film and tv, some theatre experience and qualified as a remedial massage therapist, corporate finance and travel consultant. She enjoys expos, music festivals and has a passion for her family life and traveling.

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