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Kelly McDonald

Writing has been Kelly’s passion since she was a child. Storyteller, magician, lover of faerie tales and magic, Kelly is inspired by tales of old in both her artwork, which an be found at and writing.

Her proudest writing achievements include being the 2013 Creative Kids Tales Emerging Writer of the Year, a first placing in the CYA conference contest for middle grade in 2015 (and artwork in 2012) and winning the White Light Publishing House contest for her story ‘Darkness in Shelly’ in 2018. She also has numerous stories in various anthologies.

Owning, operating and working in childare centres and kinders since she was sixteen years old, Kelly has been storytelling as the magical faerie Crystall for the past twenty-five years. She can still be found fluttering her wings and performing on occasion.

Magic, faerie law, paranormal activity and historical stories including those three elements are her favourite thing to both read and write about. Kelly is thrilled to be part of the Whitelight Publishing House family.

Kelly's first book will be released soon.

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