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Neill Jones

Growing up in Bendigo, Victoria, Neill enjoyed playing football, cricket and reading books. He trained as a Primary School teacher with his major subject being Physical Education, which meant that he taught many children fundamental motor skills, sportsmanship and the importance of being fair when playing games.

Throughout the almost forty years of his teaching career, he developed a special interest in boy’s education, which grew into a passion to encourage reluctant readers and writers.

Getting the boys to write was difficult, so he would write his own stories while the boys were writing. He would also share stories that he had made up to tell his son when it was time for him to go to sleep.

For the last few years, Neill has worked as a Casual Replacement Teacher and taught in a variety of schools where he continued to write short stories to share with the class he was teaching.

With encouragement from his family, Neill has concentrated on turning his stories about Thomas, Zac, Josh and Cameron, The Fearless Four, into books that are aimed at boys who sometimes don’t like to read. The bonus with the stories is that they can be enjoyed by both children who enjoy reading, and those who like stories that ask the reader to make choices.

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