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Regine Kohler

From an early age, Regine has felt a strong connection to nature and the passion never wavered throughout her life. Her training as a Naturopath and other associated therapies, like Iridology, Homeopathy, Hypnotherapy, gave her more understanding how we, as humans, are intertwined with all creatures great and small.

Regine also taught Meditation and Qi Gong classes which she learned on her travels to China. For more than thirty years, she helped many people with Laser Acupuncture and occasionally treated a dog for joint problems as well.

Growing herbs and how to use them in cooking and for beauty treatments has always been a pet subject of Regine’s. Apart from working in her clinic, she raised a variety of animals on her farms as well as training horses and going on horse treks in Far North Queensland.

Regine’s main interests are to empower her clients to live a healthier and a less stressful life and to share her knowledge and practical experience with everyone so we all contribute to making this planet a better place. For the last three years, Regine has been studying and travelling with the Resonance Science Foundation, learning about Quantum Physics which describes nature at the smallest scale of energy levels of atoms and subatomic particles. This is the basis of life and brings everything together.

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