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Rosa Carrafa

My journey called life is not that different from yours. Names, places and culture are mostly the things that may alter. My passion in life is the message I live by: ‘Never give up on Hope’. Setting life goals is a vital part of how I give and also understand the power of when I receive back. In receiving back, and when I do, I know that without a doubt it is all related to the Holiest of Holy Spirits that lead me. Life goals, they mean absolutely nothing unless I aim to give them my all. With each goal I fulfill, I move on to the next. All of which none of these would have been possible without the love that surrounds me and my faith that keeps me striving with hope to look forward to tomorrow. Life is hard. It is a part of my reality. Yet, life is the greatest gift of all. There are so many branches that stem from this gift we are given. My dream as a child to make my writing passion a reality has definitely come to life. The secret of this passion is believing, not only in your publications, but also in your readers.

As a mother, I have two beautiful and energetic sons. As a woman, I have the ability to nurture not only my sons, but also myself. As a community member, I am absorbed in sharing all that I can to those that reach out. I know that, if I had someone with my life experience in my life when I was growing up or as a mother, It would have saved me so much heartache and confusion.

As a writer, I create literature that then becomes published. My genre is in the reality of life through loss in death, the process of grief and celebrating the glory in all your triumphs and hard work it took you to get to where you are. As an artist, I create images that express all things that I feel. As a Devotional Faith guide, I continue to reach out to as many people as I can with messages that may influence their lives on a more profound and eternal level.

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