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The White Light family is growing rapidly, and we have such a beautiful network of creative souls here at White Light Publishing House. Feel free to have a browse through our authors’ and artists' dedicated pages; featuring information about who they are, the work they have published, and more. Some of our authors have published books and/or oracle cards, and some also contribute articles to Reflections, a section of our website which includes articles, blogs, poetry and short stories.

Amanda Schubert
Anastasia Globa
Brigitte Calloway
Christie Lyons
Christina Richter
Dana Amir
Deborah Maree
Elizabeth Blade
Greg Bridge
Isabella Frost
Jane Turner
Jarod Bridge
Julia Van Der Sluys
Karin Holmes
Kathryn Toomey
Kelly McDonald
Kerrie Bernhard
Lani Sharp
Linda Frankland
Linda 'Willow' Roberts
Mary Loughland
Matt Eastwood
Michelle George
Miriam Indries
Neill Jones
Nicky Stokes
Nikki Taylor
Regine Kohler
Rick Williams
Rosa Carrafa
Sally Glenn
Sonia Crystella
Tegan Neville
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