August 7, 2018

Violence comes in many forms

But none to be dismissed,

We need to get the message out

And not be so remiss.

Albeit men or women

It doesn’t discriminate,

It really can happen to anyone

Now escalating at an alarming rate.

A raised voice, a curse word

A moment enraged with anger


April 30, 2018

Do you really know your worth? And if so, how much do you value it? Do you set down boundaries with people and make sure they respect said boundaries? Are you teaching those around you how to treat you in the correct way or are those lines blurred at times, whereby som...

April 30, 2018

How are you with change? Do you fight it with everything you’ve got, happy to sit in your comfort zone or do you grab hold of every new opportunity with confidence, joy and excitement in your heart, at where this next adventure will take you?

At fifty-one years of age,...

November 10, 2017

I have to say, I have not been afraid of turning 50. Whilst I know this may sound ancient to such young ones, I have to admit, this is probably the happiest I have ever felt.

People tell you a lot of things growing up through life - some you listen to and take on board,...

November 10, 2017

 Anxiety, Fear, A shortness of breath,

Panic attacks causing me to feel like death.

The body heats up, my minds’ running wild,

Likened to that of a fearful child.

A feeling of dread comes from deep within,

The depth of nausea to the stomach now somewhat akin.

Thoughts wreaki...

November 3, 2017

Are you consciously aware of the thoughts that continuously run around inside your head on a daily basis?

Are you aware of whether they are positive or negative?

Are you aware, that just through your thoughts alone, you can change your life?

Are you sick of living what se...

November 1, 2017

The other night, I developed a pain between my shoulder blades - when in fact I was doing very little - just resting and watching some TV on the couch. The pain just came out of nowhere. As time progressed, I was getting more and more uncomfortable and asked my daughte...

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