September 8, 2018

‘You will always be my yesterday, just as you showed me while you were here on earth, that tomorrow follows by Hope.’ ~ Your daughter, Rosa.

 “Once was yesterday.

Today follows by Tomorrow.”

What happens to a child who longs for her papa, when the world as we know it, giv...

August 7, 2018

Violence comes in many forms

But none to be dismissed,

We need to get the message out

And not be so remiss.

Albeit men or women

It doesn’t discriminate,

It really can happen to anyone

Now escalating at an alarming rate.

A raised voice, a curse word

A moment enraged with anger


July 17, 2018

My favourite place is held in my minds eye,
My own secret sanctuary, all to my own,
A remote island, with no one in sight,
Just myself in what I call my true home.

I came to this place just to be,
To relax and unwind in this paradise,
Where my mind is light and free,

November 10, 2017

 Anxiety, Fear, A shortness of breath,

Panic attacks causing me to feel like death.

The body heats up, my minds’ running wild,

Likened to that of a fearful child.

A feeling of dread comes from deep within,

The depth of nausea to the stomach now somewhat akin.

Thoughts wreaki...

March 30, 2017

To be guided by nature

Is all that we need

From manicured gardens

To lone drifting seed

The river it flows

Around each solid rock

No mind of the obstacles

Never to block

A tree it will grow

Bending this way and that

Its roots seeking water

Leaves' cover as habitat

The moss it will...

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February 5, 2019

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