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Education Earthquake Nepal was set up by Juliette Cunliffe and Dibya Kumar Baral, soon after the devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in April and May 2015. They both live permanently in Nepal so are in a position to understand what is needed and how donations can be put to good use, without going through government channels where funding can so easily go astray.

It is essential that help is given to schools that have been damaged and are therefore unsafe. Without the help of caring people living outside Nepal it would be impossible to improve the lives of children who are so greatly in need. Juliette and Dibya very soon realised that although some of the better-known areas of Nepal were being targeted by the Government and major charities, others that were out of the limelight or which had less extensive damage, were being ignored completely.

They started with small projects like painting a school to lift people's spirits, and purchasing uniforms for children whose families or guardians could not afford them. As more financial support came in, they commenced the demolition and re-build of Shree Jyoti Arun Primary School near Begnas Lake. Soon others came on board to provide funding and once they knew the school's future was secure, they moved on to a more local project at Talagau on a high ridge overlooking Pokhara's Phewa Lake. This is the school Education Earthquake Nepal are currently working on; and for which they still desperately need financial help.

Gaury Primary School has been in a very poor state of repair for many years, but the earthquake tremors just made the cracks worse so that it was, and still is, dangerously unstable. Half of the school and the toilet block have now been demolished. Thee slightly better of the classrooms has been kept and a small temporary classroom has been added so the children can continue their studies whilst building of new classrooms takes place. With the assistance of caring individuals, (mostly outside of Nepal) sufficient funds were raised to have desks built for the children to ensure they no longer need to sit on a concrete floor.

Education Earthquake Nepal also opened a new hostel which has become Gaury Children's Home. This is now officially part of Gaury School, so is technically under government control. The hostel currently provides a safe place to live for 16 children, principally from the badly damaged area of Dhading, with a handful from other outlying areas. With these children attending Gaury Primary School, the  numbers of children in the school has increased to a point where the Government is legally obliged to keep paying the salaries of the teachers and that of the headmaster. There is hope that in the future they may offer a little more help, but that seems a long way off. Until then the rebuild will only happen with the work Education Earthquake organises.

White Light are ongoing financial sponsors of four children through Education Earthquake Nepal. Rajib, is a day student at the school and lives locally with his family. The other three children live at Gaury Children's Home and attend the day school. Roshan, Manisha and Kalpana are the other three beautiful children, some of whom sponsorship is shared with other EEN supporters. 


We aim to provide additional funds for Gaury Primary School and Children's Home. Funds are not only required for the rebuilding of Gaury Primary school, there is also need for ongoing educational supplies, new uniforms when needed as well as day to day needs of the children living at Gaury Children's Home.

Rising Above the Rubble - Education Earthquake Nepal - White Light Publishing House

Rising Above the Rubble

White Light Publishing House joined with Education Earthquake Nepal to create this book about the beautiful children of Gaury Primary School and Children's Home.

All profits from Rising Above the Rubble will assist with rebuilding the school and with ongoing supplies required to ensure the children have the best chance at receiving an education.

The image above will take you to our book shop where you can purchase your very own copy of Rising Above the Rubble.

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