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Welcome to the Lightworker Portal, hosted by White Light Publishing.

For those of you who know us, you already know that we are all about sharing the love, and as a lightworkers, we have never been in competition with anyone. In fact, we strongly believe that seeing as we all have the same goal, we should strive to build one another up and help each other to succeed in our mission of spreading as much love, light and healing in the world.

White Light Publishing has expanded rapidly in recent times, and while this is wonderful, Christie’s time and energy can only go so far when it comes to providing her reading and healing services. So, we have now welcomed some carefully selected lightworkers to our team, so that we can provide you with a much broader range of services. Of course, Christie will continue to offer healing and guidance as well (because she does still love doing it), but not as often as she previously has, so that she can dedicate the energy required to other aspects of the business.

You can now choose which reader you would like to book with, depending upon your needs/preference. A list of available services and details of each lightworker are available here

All of our lightworkers have been selected by Christie herself, and are readers and healers that we know are genuine, compassionate and honest, and will help to guide you with the absolute best of intentions (and of course, with love).

If you are interested in becoming part of the Lightworker Portal as a reader or healer, please email Christie at

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