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One of the most fascinating oracles is now explained in detail from a Gypsy Romani perspective. In this book, Rodrigo Petrosky, a Romani psychotherapist and counsellor, unveils the history and deep meaning behind each card in the original Gypsy deck. The narrative incorporates aspects of the tarot, numerology, history of the cards and Romani people, and meaningful real-life reading interpretations. The Enchantment book takes you on a captivating journey, guiding you through initial preparation for card reading and the process of fortune telling itself, revealing the keys to understanding nature, spirituality and counselling.

The compelling artwork of the Gypsy Cards deck was created by Dr Anastasia Globa using a unique fusion of traditional, abstract and futuristic approaches, and was inspired by extensive symbolic and visual studies. The book explains each card individually and expands on the combinations between cards, reading methods and assertive aspects of romance, finances, work, family and environment.

Gypsy Cards - The Enchantment is a book that has everything that you need to know about this powerful tool. We invite you to explore and expand your insight of the past, present and future, channeling your inner wisdom and truth, and engaging with the experiences that mirror your energy. You can purchase the Oracle Deck here

Gypsy Cards - The Enchantment


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