A collection of inspiring works about the amazing benefits of healing through words and the impact it has on the mind, body, and soul.

Both Christie and Jessie have personally experienced the benefits of healing through writing and know exactly how therapeutic and empowering it is to be able to express themselves on paper in order to begin the healing process.

After finding how therapeutic it was for both of them to write about their life journey thus far, they decided to develop this book. Christie and Jessie accepted submissions from everyday people about how writing has helped them in their lives, and even encouraged people to practice it for themselves for the very first time, to be able to experience therapeutic writing firsthand, which you will see reflected in some of the stories that have been included in this book.

The aim of publishing this compilation of stories is to help people become aware of the wonderful benefits of healing through writing and just how very powerful it can be.

Writing: The Powerful Healer