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Yes, Health Matters in the Workplace: How a healthy workplace culture will always provide a sense of acceptance, recognition, belonging, acknowledgment and care



This book was written with the intent of how we can change and be aware of our workplace environment, our behaviour and how that impacts our own personal health now and into the future. 

We are seeing a rapid increase of mental health, chronic diseases, emotional unwellness and many other health-related issues that are taking every little bit of our personal energy and enjoyment from both our professional lives, and our private lives. There is such a continuous flow of brilliant people with incredible skills who have invested so much into their own self-growth and development along the way but are being cut short in showing their best. This to me is soul-destroying; hearing of people wondering what lies ahead for them and their families in getting something out of their life. It is so important that our workplace and home environment are congruent with each other, with a positive and inspirational liveliness that brings people to a place of value and worth. 

We only have one life. We don’t know how long we have, but like most of us, we still have so many things we would like to do and achieve. Above all, we want to cherish our relationships and hopefully experience something of great fortune in return while we are here. 

Don’t forget to encourage people around you; your family, friends, and even acquaintances. You can inspire them to change their lives for the better. Let’s ensure our future generations fly the flag for us into the next century and beyond.

Gregory Payne Bridge is an Aboriginal author, integrated health and behaviour practitioner, and presenter.

Yes, Health Matters in the Workplace


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