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Why Me?

This is such a commonly heard question, isn't it? "Why me?" I bet you've heard it from many people, and have likely even asked it yourself more than once. You can just picture it: palms held up towards the sky, or someone's head buried in their hands, and you can just feel the frustration, the anger, the disappointment or grief as you or someone else asks that question...

"Why me?"

Of course, it's not a great feeling to go through these events that have you asking that question, and more often than not, when you feel like asking it, you've probably experienced something quite serious, like a relationship breakdown or getting sick. It might also be due to losing someone close to you or having gone through some kind of trauma.

Then again, a lot of people still ask the question time after time when little frustrating things occur such as losing your purse, or locking yourself out of the house. It's a common reaction to life's challenges and most of us have done it. Why, though? And who are you asking?

I dare say that most people would be directing it to the universe, or God, or whatever higher source you like to refer to. In a way, your question is directed in the right place, because that's where you originated, but really, the person you would be better asking that question of is yourself. After all, you are the one who planned your life, before you were even born.

You are probably now asking yourself, "but why would I plan to have this stuff happen to me?" Well, to put it simply, these experiences are how you learn and evolve on a soul level. What use would it be coming into this life (or any other life) and only experiencing joy, excitement, and pleasure? It may sound nice, but what would you learn? Not that much.

Even on a conscious level, we all need to experience moments that cause us pain, heartache, sadness, frustration and so on, in order to grow and learn. How else would we be able to share wisdom with others, or empathise with another person about an experience, if we hadn't been there ourselves? If all we did was experience the happy times, we wouldn't really be living, would we?

So, what about those of you who may have experienced more than your 'fair share' of challenges in this life? You may have been born with a disability, lost a child, or been the victim of abuse, for example. You may wonder why on earth you would plan such things for yourself. As hard as it may seem to believe, you did plan these things, and for a very good reason.

Before we decide to incarnate into another life, we plan everything out. Everything including where we will live, who our parents will be, our siblings, friends, the relationships we will have, and even any illnesses or traumas we will experience. Every challenge that we come across in our lives was carefully planned out, in a way that will help us to accomplish the learning that we set out to achieve; and the very reason we decided to incarnate back on earth.

An example of this may be that you planned to be born blind. The learning will vary from person to person, but it may be that you chose this as one of your challenges in order to really understand what it's like to experience life with your other senses, or to provide inspiration to others on a similar path. The examples are endless, but you can guarantee that no matter the experiences you have chosen for this life, they are all significant, and all serve a purpose in your soul's evolution. The more challenging it is, the more important the lesson.

Not only do you plan your own life out, but you also do this in consultation with others that have incarnated with you. So for example, if you decided to be born to an alcoholic mother, you both would have agreed to this together; each of you gaining wisdom and growth from the experience on a soul level, and working together to help one another evolve. Knowing this may help you to appreciate why certain people have a place in your life and what role they play. It might also allow you to understand those people in your life much better; knowing that they too have their own plan to carry out.

So, next time you find yourself asking, "why me?" a more appropriate question to ask might be "what am I supposed to be learning from this?", or "how can I use this experience to help me grow?". Once you're able to embrace this concept, rather than try to push against it or feel as though the universe 'has it out for you', you'll be in a much better position to live your life fully and with true purpose.


Christie is a Lightworker, publisher, and writer, and is the founder and director of White Light Universal.

Christie prides herself on being authentic and seeing the light and love in everyone she meets, and this shines through in both the healing and guidance she provides for her clients, as well as helping writers' and artists' publishing dreams come true.

Her passions are writing, mental health, children's rights, and playing a part in healing humanity.

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