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Expect Yourself to Accept Yourself

In a world where we are excepted to others, stop and think that many of us are not seeing the bigger picture... To accept yourself.

We mind our manners towards others, which is something that is inbuilt to most of us, we are kind, courteous and mindful of what we say and the way we react towards each other (well, most people – not all).

But I digress. Have you ever accepted yourself? Let’s look at the big picture and answer these questions...

  • Do you accept your life choices?

  • Do you accept your inner soul and the way you feel towards others?

In a world where we sometimes think of others, we often forget about ourselves and use the original motto “I’m alright”, but look deep down and ask yourself… Are you? We must learn to look within ourselves and work on our own feelings, emotions and matters of life. This world can be a pretty critical place sometimes, with responsibilities and ways we have to “live up to” to look a certain way; to act a certain way. We sometimes lose ourselves over social standards and everyday life; the hustle and the bustle.

We need time to just be ourselves. How many of us have said to people we are doing “good” and deep down we feel like we’ve been to hell and back.

We don’t tend to open ourselves up to people about our own self, so we hide what we actually feel inside. So many people don’t say what they feel or what they actually mean. A lot of people in the world right now are sitting silent because they don’t want their inner voice to be heard in case of ridicule or rejection. There lays the objection! The problem, the matter.

Each of us should be able to feel comfortable with who we are. What do you stand for? What is your message?

If people around you don’t believe in you, then at the end of the day, isn’t that their problem? If you are happy doing something with your life then by all means, do it! As long as you are not putting harm onto others, then why hold back? Don’t give up! Don’t give in. If you have a dream then find a way to fulfill it. Always believe in yourself, even when others throw stones or put you down (and they will). Stand tall. Success is written in the the stars.

The old saying goes, “No one wants you when you lose”, but even when you do, it is trial and error. We all make mistakes, but we should all learn from them and do whatever it takes not to make the same mistake again. All I am saying, is sometimes we need to step back and look at our own self. Be happy with the skin you're in. We each hold a heart and a mind. All we have in this world is time. Some of our time runs out way too quickly, so what we should do is use the time we have wisely.

Live your life; don’t worry about negative opinions of others. Drive down your life on your own highway; go slow, go fast, the choice is yours. But, be safe. Be thankful. Stop to admire the little things in life that most take for granted. Some people complain about the rain, but think of its splendour; it gives plants life. Stop and admire the flowers. Be at one with yourself and nature.

You can do anything you set your mind and time to. With determination and persistence you will get there, my friends. We all get knock backs in life; its a part of life. Even the greatest of people; authors, bands, singers, etc; they have been knocked back and laughed at, but they kept going. They wouldn’t listen to the negativity that sometimes gets thrown at you from all corners. They walked on. So will I. So will you.

Walk on,

Be strong,

You belong.

This life is our story,

We all have a song.

Sing it,

Breathe it,

Love it.

But most of all,

Learn from it.

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