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Finding the Beauty in Feeling Lost

There are times in my life where I feel completely lost, so lost, that I seriously have no idea which direction to head in next. This is something I have been struggling with for some time now, except this time, it feels worse than ever before.

You see, I had come to a point in my life where I was confident that I had finally found the right track. I was happily walking along and feeling positive about my purpose and where I was headed in life. Then, without warning, something hit me from behind and threw me off the path I was walking on. I went flying through the air and I hit the ground hard; physically it hurt, but the mental and emotional turmoil that followed has been difficult to ease.

Where am I? I wish I could say that I was lost in a beautiful forest. One where I could sit on a rock and breathe in the scent of the stunning flowers, listen to the serene sounds of nature, watch the sun flicker as it filters in through the deep green leaves and be wowed by exotic birds perched on branches. I wouldn’t mind being lost in this way, in paradise. Then I would find great joy in sitting in the stillness before being gently guided back to my path.

But this isn’t the case. Instead, I have found myself in the middle of a concrete maze. I turn to my left, I see a grey solid wall. I look to my right and I see another dense wall. I walk through the only exit that is available to me and I am faced with more grey walls. They are smooth and cold and offer no clues as to where I should head next. Everywhere I turn, I am blocked by walls. I desperately want to get out, but I don’t know how. I don’t have a map and I’ve tried to tap into my inner GPS, but the signals are too low for me to read. I realise that the walls must be interfering with my reception.

Obviously, I don’t want to keep running around lost in this maze. I can’t understand why it is taking me so long to figure out how to weave my way through my current situation. I want guidance, I want answers, I want clarity and I want to be free. Usually I have the ability to pick myself up and find a way to achieve all of these, so I can get back on track.

Whether I feel lost or on track, I make it a daily practice is to wake up and express my gratitude for being alive and healthy, loved by family and friends and for having a roof over my head. And I ensure that the thoughts and stories I create in my mind are positive so that I don’t get caught up in the negative dark clouds that may roll into my beautiful blue sky. But it’s not always easy to keep this up. I don’t always have the strength to blow those clouds into the distance, and before I know it, I find myself drenched in every single negative toxic word they were holding onto. So, not only am I lost, I have also become negative and frustrated and my faith in everything I believe in feels as though it is slowly diminishing.

It has taken me some time, but I have come to the conclusion that in order for me to find my way out, I must delve deeper than I ever have before. I need to access the tools I know exist within me and work extra hard with them.

As I dig deep, it occurs that me that the guidance I require, the answers I am seeking, the clarity I wish to receive and the freedom I am searching for are blocked by my frustration and negative outlook.

It also dawns on me that being lost isn’t always a bad thing. I may find myself on the floor sobbing uncontrollably or feeling so down I can’t see the positive side to anything, but there is a point to losing myself and falling apart.

Being lost means I am required to keep searching until I discover a new direction. It may not be the road I planned or envisioned, but it is a path I am meant to see, explore and experience. There is a high possibility I will find something beautiful along the way.

Losing direction forces me to sit still for a while. Sometimes I find myself in a nice place to contemplate and reflect in, but then there are times where I wind up in an area that makes me feel uncomfortable. I won’t like it and I will wonder why I am there and how on earth I ended up there, but it does serve a purpose.

Feeling lost challenges the belief I have in myself, as well as the faith I have in everything I have come to believe in, such as my intuition, my prayers and conversations I have with the angels, the power of positive self-talk and the magic that exists within the universe. But then a message always manages to find a way to get through to me and I know that everything I believe in truly does exist.

I may be lost, but I have discovered that I always have hope. I take the time to have a good look at where I have come from and what I have done. And I can see that with every goal I achieve I am creating a strong foundation for me to build on. I have the ability to reach great heights and all I am required to do is lay the bricks one by one and take great comfort in knowing that a strong, good quality structure takes time and focus and care.

While I am lost, it is important that I don’t allow my gifts or creative flare that I possess to be smothered by my negative self-talk. These are what will get me through the tough days. Writing helps me to see things from a new perspective and releases thoughts that weren’t going anywhere and singing lifts me up to a higher vibration, allowing me to get back into the rhythm of life.

I am confident I now have a firm grip on the powerful tools I own and I will continue work with them to bring myself back from feeling lost.

I find it comforting to hear whether other people feel a similar way to how I do. I also find it helpful to hear how they deal with or overcome these feelings when they are present.

What about you? Have you ever or do you ever feel this way? When you feel lost and down with no direction, what do you do to help bring yourself back?


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