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To be guided by nature

Is all that we need

From manicured gardens

To lone drifting seed

The river it flows

Around each solid rock

No mind of the obstacles

Never to block

A tree it will grow

Bending this way and that

Its roots seeking water

Leaves' cover as habitat

The moss it will creep

Over any old things

From wreckage to hilltops

A soft carpet that clings

A forest, rich with magic

Supports abundance of life

From vegetation to mammal

The Sun's earthbound wife

The sea, Mother Ocean

Tides ruled by the moon

Treasures of the deep

Locked in her womb

From a jungle we learn

To grow wild like the vine

Where dangers may lurk

We seek the divine

The deserts stretch for miles

Barren and dry

Lizards and cactus

Must adapt to get by

A mountain so noble

Majestic and proud

Encased in mystery

An energetic shroud

From all of these places

I learn lessons still

My soul goes to nature

Reinforcing my will

May we never forget

As cities still grow

The Earth we are blessed with

The respect we all owe.


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