Heart Writing to enhance your life experience

I have been a long-time advocate of the power writing to heal has. When we express emotion through a pen or on a keyboard it is truly a powerful act. The potential to release emotion is life enhancing and if shared, this raw emotion has the potential to hug the heart of someone in need, possibly guiding them through their challenging time. This is an awe-inspiring momentous occurrence when it happens. It instantly alleviates and regenerates both participants.

Every one of us has a story to share. Each story will have highs and lows, but each story will have a purpose and the potential to help inspire or give hope to someone else. Can you tell that I am passionate about this?

Writing through your heart is something that everyone can do. It doesn’t have to be for anyone else’s benefit other than for your own personal expression and release. It doesn’t have to be to academic standard. It will enhance your life completely if you commit to writing regularly. This can be short pieces of writing like jotting down what you are grateful for at the end of every day, writing in a journal or blogging about your life or interests. Automatically your life will be enhanced through the power of expression. The pure magic of sharing your thoughts so that they are no longer isolated, they are now a tangible entity for you to do with as you please.

My first book ‘The Visitor’ was written to heal with the intention of sharing with people my spiritual reasoning for why women experience a first trimester miscarriage. This is a taboo heart breaking subject that unless you know the true pain felt when you go from the euphoric fulfilled state of being ‘with child’ to then experience the physical and emotional trauma that is losing a pregnancy, you may never be in the position to be empathetic. I have connected with some very special people because of this book. They heard the hidden message through the story and it hugged their heart and gave them hope through grief. I feel so blessed that this fictional story was channelled through me.

I then set up my own little publishing press with the intention of sharing inspirational stories with the world. I compiled two collections called Journey to Inner Light and Living a Positive Light. The stories shared in these collections are amazing and a testament to my vision that we all have a story to tell. It is now my job to build my little publishing press into an empire so that the world has the opportunity to read the stories the authors have so courageously shared with us.

So that’s what I have been doing. I have been busy writing, compiling and publishing over the years and building my little publishing press into one that is recognised all over Australia. The books we create are forever books and they will always be available. We are all about sharing LOVE. Even our fictional romances and children’s books are filled with hope and inspiration.

Before I owned Serenity Press I wrote for a website called buildingbeautifulbonds.com. I have recently released a collection of stories and articles that I wrote for this site, they are compiled in my new non-fiction book called Heart Writer. I was so glad that I had written these articles and stories during my time of enlightenment and spiritual growth. They were read over 56000 times online and I have had readers connect with me to tell me how my articles have given them hope through the tough times. If I can do that sitting at home and still being with my children, then I am truly blessed and living my purpose. Each one of these pieces were written for a reason and I know that they exist for a positive reason.

Many people worry that their writing is not the best quality. If you are really conscious then have your work proofread, however, I can’t stress enough that when you are heart writing it is the emotion depicted through your words that matters. True empathetic emotion is something very special and all powerful. It connects directly to a reader’s heart instigating an action of some sort. Your words may stay with them so much that they mention it to a friend and on and on.

You can enhance your life by writing and even sharing this type of writing, it creates positive karma which is a wonderful thing, especially when you connect with people through the magical energy of a truly empathetic written word you are projecting good energy out into this wonderful world that needs so much of it.

5 top tips to heart writing

  • Write about something you are passionate about.

  • Write as though you would talk to your friend.

  • Try not to hold back.

  • Write with the intention of helping yourself or others.

  • Open your heart and let it flow.