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Life, beautiful life

Life...beautiful life! Isn't life interesting, to say the least?

As I reflect back on my 32 years of life so far, I think, I feel, I remember so many things. I can't help but smile, but I also can't help but recognise the prick of tears that come to my eyes while connecting with Gratitude, Letting Go and Lessons Learnt! I am grateful for every single second, minute, day and year - the hard times that make every inch and every cell of your being hurt with pain, but also every cell of your being sing and shout from the rooftops with joy and gratitude.

It's only now that I grasped - with the knowledge I have gained through lessons learnt - understanding of how we must go through trials, the art of letting go, lessons in loving ourselves, teaching others how we crave to be treated, relationship issues, accepting who we are...all these lessons in life break us wide open and leave us feeling vulnerable, which allow us to become the 'Masters of our own life'. It's so empowering to know that we hold the key to our own destiny!

Yes, I appreciate it's overwhelming, but it's also very powerful knowing that we are able to choose to put ourselves back together and teach ourselves and others by using our intuition and lessons we have experienced. The foundation that comes from all the lessons we have learnt so far, looking back at how far we have come, not just seeing the picture of where we want to be, is all because we desire to become the best versions of ourselves. This is the most amazing feeling!

The journey of life, the power we all have access to through choosing how we want our lives to be, the people we choose to have heartfelt connections with, the purpose of our life and how we all wish to manifest our desires through positive thoughts and actions - bring to the surface what we are ALL worthy of... abundance in love, health, wealth, beautiful friendships and the inner peace and knowing that we are ALL worthy of this.

The learning and journey of life doesn't stop, and I appreciate I don't know it all. Heck, to some, I'm "just a chick"...what would I know??? - but all I know is that the growth I have endured has been worth every single tear, heartache, hurt and smile, as I have been able to rebuild, create and help not only myself but others. The least I can do is shine a light for others.

Life is beautiful. I am eternally grateful for my three amazing, free spirited children (they continue to teach me about life); my high school sweetheart husband Jai, my family, my friends, my enemies, and everything and everyone else in between. The more I learn, the easier and free flowing the art of accepting and letting go becomes.

For me personally, it's one infinite lesson in love- love for oneself, love for others and love for the Universe. I truly believe we are here on Earth to show love, be loved and evolve to become better souls than we were, all while learning lessons, and overcoming fears that we have previously encountered but haven't yet conquered. As the saying goes, "We are a spiritual being, having a human experience."

In my heart, I feel when we die in this physical world, life does not end here. Yes, our bodies deteriorate and we all eventually die. However, I believe our souls, the 'true essence' of who we are deep down in our hearts...we, "our souls" never die. Humans will have many different opinions about this concept and I accept that. However, I feel I need to 'honour my truth, speak my truth' - that's ok, it's safe for me to do this and I know my beliefs may differ from others - I acknowledge, accept and trust my knowing.

That's where I'm at on my journey. Everyone will be at different stages, and that's fine, and that's where acceptance and love is needed. I've come to realise; acceptance and love is needed mainly from ourselves! We could get every compliment known to the human race, 333 "likes" on a Facebook post, all the support, acceptance, acknowledgement from every single person we come across, but, when it's all said and done, if we don't want to or can't acknowledge and accept our own power and speak our truths, for me, that's when something is "sticking out like a sore thumb" and needs to be accepted and healed.

For whatever reason, we tend to ignore what we know, which triggers many feelings deep down inside our hearts and our souls.

Through my journey; through all the trials and triumphs, I have found the most beautiful modalities that have helped me --- Kinesiology and Reiki.

I'm so grateful, as I have found my passion, my souls purpose and I chose to step outside my comfort zone and studied these modalities in order to help others, just as they have helped me in my journey. Here I was, trying to find 'balance and harmony' in such a 'chaotic and unbalanced' existence - this is where I found and learnt to accept my own power and to create the reality that I desired. I learned that these desires weren't just available to the rich and famous - this was available to all souls on this planet!

But...there's a catch! I had to accept and acknowledge my own power!

Believe it or not...YOU can do this too!

Through the beauty and magic of Kinesiology and Reiki, I was able to tap into old and out dated thoughts, beliefs, emotions and events that were at the core of unresolved wounds which were blocking me and stopping me from being the best version of myself. I was able to acknowledge them, heal myself and balance my soul, which was the most freeing and powerful thing I have experienced and continue to experience!

"I want what she's having," I hear you say. The beauty of this, is that it's available to EVERY. SINGLE. HUMAN on this Earth! In sharing my truth, part of my story - I hope that you all give yourself permission to allow, feel and heal what is going on deep inside. I greet you with love and understanding. I acknowledge and celebrate your courage. I can hear you say, "enough is enough"..."I'm ready to heal this now"... "I AM READY TO SHINE!!!" Remember, when we heal ourselves, others are also healed.

Here's to removing our blocks, creating our desires into reality and being the best we can be!

"Acknowledge and accept your power...this is when MIRACLES happen."

Through my work, I aim to help you heal your body, mind and spirit to restore balance and empower you to be the BEST version of yourself. It's an honour to work in such a powerful modality, helping others to achieve optimal wellbeing. When you're in a balanced state, it is far easier to access your own wisdom so you can make decisions from a place of clarity.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

- Carl Jung

Love, hugs, and keep shining.


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