Weigh Less in a Heavy World

A couple of years ago, I had a daydream about creating a place called, Weigh Less Sanctuary. My vision of what I want is still here, sitting in the sidelines, waiting to become a reality, and I know for sure, that I will at some point, make this sanctuary available for people to experience and love.

So, for now, while I work on achieving my dream, my aim is to write about weighing less in body, mind and spirit. I am determined to help others feel lighter in all aspects of their life, physically, mentally, emotionally and within their atmosphere.

The question is, how do we weigh less in a world that is so heavy? A world that is hefty in other people’s opinions filling up social media pages. A world that is laden with food temptations that become difficult to resist. A world that requires people to spend a substantial amount of money, not only on their desires, but on necessities. A world that provides a massive amount of stress and anxiety, for many people. A world that has the potential, to make you feel unworthy, if you aren’t making your mark somewhere. A world that feeds you so much information, you become confused about which road to take, and you feel as though your head may explode, while trying to decide which way to turn. A world where you have the capacity to be whatever you want to be, if only you could figure out what that is. A world that is crowded with people. A world that is abundant in opportunities and rich with stunning destinations. A world where some people glide around feeling high on life, while others become lost in the earths wilderness, feeling alone and full of fear.

We are all vulnerable to feeling heavy, whether it be within our own bodies, our thoughts and emotions, or our spirit. Many of us can relate to feeling weighed down, due to a variety of reasons. For me, it is when my diet is out of whack and I consume foods that I wouldn’t normally include in my daily diet. I may have had a big weekend, and by Monday, I will feel lethargic and sluggish. Then there are the times, where I will feel heavy, due to over-thinking, or worrying about work, relationships or finances.

For me, this heaviness depletes me of any energy, motivation and inspiration, I had to begin with. I then find myself questioning everything, and become consumed with thoughts and deep contemplation, about who I am, the path I am embarking on, and whether it will lead me to my goals, my dreams and my desires. I will often wonder, who am I to want to make a difference in other people’s lives? Am I worthy of this? Will my words, my thoughts, my ideas and my perspective on everyday issues and challenges be understood and accepted by others? Will they like or enjoy what I have to give, and will I be able to help others in the way I envisage myself to?

I feel as though my entire being is resonating at a low vibration, allowing self-doubt and fear to creep in. I place limitations on myself, and the get up and go, that I so desperately need to drag me back out of the hole I have fallen into, is lost somewhere within. I could easily be there for days, but I am aware, and know how important it is for me to find a way out.

So how do I get out of feeling this way? What can be done to lighten the load on my body, my mind and my spirit?

My first step up on that rung, it to ensure I make my health top priority. I take action to get back to eating a healthy balanced diet that is wholesome and nutritious. After just one day of eating healthy foods, my body begins to feel normal again and I physically feel lighter. It’s not about losing weight or seeing a physical change, it ultimately comes down to how my body feels after being fed and fuelled with foods that are buzzing at a higher vibration and are alive with healthy energy. I then feel like I can tackle everything else that is bothering me, with clarity.

The next step, is to get myself moving. I make sure I get out for a walk, and I inhale the colours, the sounds and the scent of nature. I find I am then able to organise my thoughts. I begin to replace negative words and scenes with positive statements and visions. I write lists and mark off each task as I complete it. This boosts my motivation and leads to problem solving, resulting in me feeling lighter emotionally and mentally.

While this is occurring, my body and my mind become one with my soul. I am aware that I am in-tune with my authentic voice, and I listen with intent to everything she has to say. It is also important for me to slow down, so I can see the signs that are meant for me, allowing me to stop, read the message, take action and continue on the path that I am paving. Once again, I begin to feel lighter, because I am confident in what I have heard, in what I am doing and where I am heading.

Outside of taking care of my health by being active, eating healthy food, practicing positive self-talk and dreaming big, I make sure I participate in something else on a daily basis that I enjoy. And for me, that something, is writing.

Writing, means that I can release my thoughts, worries, doubts and fears onto paper, or even better, I can express my gratitude, happiness, excitement and wisdom. I can choose to keep what I have written private, just for me, or send the words out into the universe, knowing that anyone out there could be reading them.

So what is it that you like to do? What leisure activity do you like to participate in, knowing it results in you feeling lighter?

Do you play an instrument? Or maybe you just love listening to your favourite music, you may even find yourself turning up the volume and singing and dancing along. Some people enjoy hitting the gym and getting rid of any frustration that has been building up on the inside. While for others it could be the act of gardening, or just taking a seat in the garden, looking up to the sky and letting everything go. Or, it could be as simple as escaping into the world of a good book, a magazine, the newspaper, or an hour of mind-numbing TV.

All of these may sound like simple remedies that can help anyone of us feel lighter, and happier – but we can easily forget about these weigh less activities when we are busy, stressed, over-worked and time poor.

Whatever it is in life, that you enjoy, don’t push it to the side and forget about it, make sure you set aside some time in your day, to participate in your very own weigh less activity. Your body, your mind and your soul, will be grateful for it.

I look forward to all of us weighing a little less each day.