Suicide: My Thoughts

There's been a lot of conversation recently about suicide on social media- particularly after the passing of Chester Bennington. Of course, this is not a new topic, and one that I believe needs to be spoken about more. It's one of those topics that many people get uncomfortable talking about, but as someone who has experienced a family member taking their own life, and having been surrounded by those closest to me suffering from depression (amongst other things), I feel very strongly about this topic. 

We already know that there has long been a stigma surrounding mental health, and in particular, when it comes to males. It's gotten better over time, but it's still not discussed nearly enough, and so many people still continue to shy away from talking about it. But, why? 

Depression and other forms of mental illness are part of life, and if only we weren't so damn judgemental of one another, and instead, showed a little bit more compassion, those who are suffering from depression just might feel a little more comfortable in reaching out for help. I know this sounds really simple, but when you think about it, perhaps it is. 

Look at children, for instance. If a child is sad, feeling low, alone, or struggling for some reason, they let it out. They don't worry about whether someone is going to judge them, or if they'll make someone uncomfortable by expressing their feelings. They just let it out. And what do we do as adults? We respond, we comfort them, and we listen. We don't (or we shouldn't) just tell them to "get over it" or ignore their feelings. Why is it so much easier for people to respond to a child in need, than an adult? We are all human, and we all have emotions - both positive and negative ones - it's part of life. 

Anyhow, back to suicide, and my thoughts on the matter. I fully appreciate that there is a lot of anger, frustration and devastation for the loved ones who are left behind when someone takes their own life (as I said, I've been there), but when society are judging these people who have chosen to take their own lives (yes, Chester included), saying things like they're "selfish", "gutless" or that they're "cowards"... where has the fucking compassion gone then? If someone has reached a point in their life where they truly feel as though they can't possibly go on living, how about we have some damn compassion for them?! 

I'm sick of hearing these rubbish statements such as, "people who take their own lives go to purgatory", or "they'll go to hell". What absolute bullshit. People who take their own lives are no bloody different to any other human whose body leaves earth. Our souls all return to the same place, there is no judgment back "Home".  Yes, their soul may need some healing, and they may choose to reincarnate to repeat similar lessons in life the next time around because they cut their life short in this lifetime, but there sure as hell isn't any "black hole" that these souls get sent to for punishment. How ridiculous! That's just society's way of yet again, judging what they fear and don't understand.

I know that this is just my opinion and my belief, but I am so damn passionate about bringing to light some of the extremely damaging beliefs and judgments on this very topic. Don't you think that the loved ones left behind deserve better than hearing such disgraceful comments being made about who they've just lost? Isn't it painful enough for them, that they've got to deal with the loss of someone they love? Do they really need to be receiving so much anger and hatred being sent their way? And what about the soul who has passed? Can't we just accept that life became too much for them, and that now, their soul is at peace? 

I fully understand how painful and traumatic it is to lose a loved one to suicide, I truly do. And, I am in no way encouraging people to take their own lives. But, think about it. If we as a society can have compassion for someone euthanising because they're in so much physical pain (whether it's legal or not), why are we not giving the same to those who are in so much emotional pain that they see no other way out? 

Ideally, we would all care so much about others that we'd be able to help them find peace while they're still alive, but unfortunately, it's simply not the case, because there is still, in this day and age, so much stigma around people being able to express their innermost feelings openly - especially when they're feeling so damn depressed. 

If we want to stop seeing so many people taking their own lives, then perhaps we should try two very simple things:

Be compassionate and stop judging. 

It's worth a try, isn't it?

Christie Lyons

Lightworker, Writer, Publisher, Humanitarian 

White Light Universal