Unfiltered Writing

I wrote a blog entry a few days ago about the book I'm writing at the moment, and it has led me to talk about this topic a little more (see here if you missed it). After sharing this with you last week, I now want to talk more about the power of writing. I can only assume that if you follow either of our pages on Facebook, you are interested in one of the following (or both): Writing or Healing, and in my experience, the two are not separate from one another. In fact, I feel they go together in many more ways than most people realise. When was the last time you wrote, purely to express your emotions, or even to understand them more clearly? Have you ever tried it?

You may already be an author, and have even had books published, and if so, that's wonderful, and you're probably already aware of how powerful the written word can be. Or, you may use a journal; in which case, you've likely experienced how very therapeutic writing is. Whether you're an avid writer, or you've never really written much at all, never, ever underestimate how beneficial it is. You don't need to write a novel (although you may choose to); simply jotting down whatever comes naturally is the key here. It might be a paragraph, a few pages, or even just single words. Because these are your innermost thoughts and feelings, they of course, can be kept completely private. You may even burn or tear it up afterwards. The choice is yours. Before you do though, remember that your words may just be exactly what someone else needs to read in order for them to heal themselves. Quite often, our personal experiences have a much greater purpose, and can make a huge difference in the lives of others. Something to think about.

Keep in mind that while you may think that you're just writing about what comes to mind and what you're feeling (which in itself is powerful), that by writing without filtering anything out, you're also tapping into your subconscious; the deepest parts of your soul that need to come up to the surface for healing or release. This is where true healing occurs. It's liberating, refreshing, and brings so much clarity, that it's absolutely something I recommend to everyone (writer or not). Here are just some examples of things that may prompt you to write: Feeling frustrated, angry or irritated and you can't figure out why.

Trying to make sense of a situation (past or present).

Wanting to better understand a relationship.

You want to understand more about your passions and purpose in life.

You've experienced some sort of trauma or major life challenge.

Feeling depressed, anxious, or confused.

Wanting to know more about a pattern in your life that seems to keep repeating itself.

The possibilities are endless, and you will likely find that the more you practice this kind of writing that allows you to be vulnerable, the more you will uncover, and the more at peace you will feel from having understood and clarified aspects of yourself that had once caused you pain or confusion.

Christie Lyons

Founder & Director

White Light Universal