Spiritual Simplicity

I've been wanting to write about this topic for some time now, and while many people in the 'spiritual world' may disagree with me, I feel it's time to share what I believe to be true more than ever now. I want to talk about spirit connection, and the many rituals and so-called 'necessary practices' that people are told they must do if they want to awaken/be protected/connect with spirit.

But first, let me make clear that in no way am I disrespecting those who choose to use these rituals; nor do I believe that practicing these types of things are useless. I am just of the belief that spirit connection is much simpler than what many people realise, and I had this confirmed for me by one of my guides recently.

I am going to write about this topic in more detail down the track, but let me start with a few common topics that are often seen as way more complex than they need to be.


There is so much fear when it comes to spirit connection and it doesn't help when there are people out there constantly telling others that they must do this, that, and the other thing when connecting with spirit in order to protect themselves from negative energy. Chanting, praying, and practicing strict rituals are just some of the ways that people are taught to protect themselves and they are all wonderful, I agree, but I don't really believe they are necessary. At least not to the extent that we are scared into believing.

Personally, I don't practice any rituals when connecting with spirit. I ask to connect, I thank them afterwards, and that's it. I trust that I am protected, I know I'm protected, and that's all it takes. I have never once had an issue, seriously. Of course, I love crystals, clearing sprays, smudging and so forth, and I do use these tools every so often, but I don't rely on them for protection. The knowing and trust I have in always being protected is enough. I know and spirit knows that what I am doing is from my heart and full of light and love, and that is what I rely on. So long as you fully trust that you are protected, that is all you need.

Needing validation

I have been guilty of this as much as anyone in the past, but I do find that many people don't trust the messages they're receiving from spirit to be authentic.

We all want validation of our loved ones still being around, or proof that the guidance we're receiving from spirit is in fact, real, and of course, there needs to be a healthy amount of skepticism - we shouldn't just take everything anyone says as gospel. But, it's so common for people to brush things off because they're looking for a particular detail, or wanting more concrete evidence, and that just hinders this connection. It's also important to remember that things don't always need to be as complex as you might think they are.

For instance, if you've had a long held belief that there's some kind of deeper meaning to an experience or relationship you've had, but you just can't seem to get the meaning you're looking for, perhaps it's not really that complicated and was never meant to be. It doesn't mean it wasn't significant. It just might be that it was what it was, and you're looking too much into it. Perhaps the person you're seeking answers about was only meant to play a minor role in your life, and that contract has now ended. You each got what you needed from your connection, and now it's time to move on. Sometimes, the answers you get from spirit are in fact exactly what you need to know, but for whatever reason, you keep pushing for more, because you're not satisfied with it being that simple. Sometimes, it just is.

Limited connections

As I mentioned in my previous article, everyone can connect with Spirit. Not only that, but no one is limited to who they can connect with either.

I had a discussion recently with a dear friend who questioned why an ascended master would bother connecting with her, as she found it very hard to believe when I told her I thought she had been channelling knowledge from a very well known one. My opinion on this is that each and every one of us are able to connect with whomever we want or need to at any given time. Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, or whoever you feel may be able to offer you support or guidance are just as connected to you as they are to anyone else. You don't need to be some famous guru or the Dalai Lama to be deserving of connecting with higher entities.

We are all one, aren't we? And aren't we all ultimately aiming for the same thing- being to return to a human existence that is peaceful, loving and kind? So why on earth would Spirit pick and choose certain people based on status? Something to think about.

As I said, I plan on talking about all of this in more depth soon, but I felt it was important to share what I believe in basic form before I go any further. I'd love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this, as well as any questions you may have that we can potentially answer together. Feel free to send me an email or contact me on Facebook .

Love and light always,

Christie ♥️

White Light Universal