Why would anyone want to read about me?

"Why would anyone want to read about me?"

This is one of the most common questions I hear as a publisher, and one that I'd like to clear up right here and now. Everyone has a story to tell, and while it may seem that your experiences, life journey and everything that goes along with it would only be interesting to you and those closest to you, it couldn't be further from the truth. You have no idea just how many people would be interested in what you have to share, and not only that, but you may just help someone; by giving them comfort, wisdom, or simply another person with whom they can relate to. That's powerful stuff right there. You may not consider yourself an author, or it could be that you've never even written before. That doesn't matter. You are already an expert in what matters most - your own life. Your experiences may be similar to those of others, but they are unique because they are yours. Imagine being able to help another person, just by sharing your own story. It's an amazing feeling, I promise you. By simply opening up and putting your experiences onto paper, you can help another to feel a sense of belonging, to begin the healing process, or to move forward with their life, and it is so very rewarding. So, now that we've established just how powerful your personal story can be, what's next? Above all, the most important thing is that you write from the heart. Don't worry about grammar, spelling or formatting - just write - editing can be done at a later stage. The substance of your writing it what it's all about, so let the words pour out naturally. The more authentic you are, the more likely readers will be able to relate to your story, so write to your heart's content - emotions and all. If you ever find yourself feeling hesitant or doubtful that your words are capable of having an impact, remember that what you have to give to the world is well worth stepping out of your comfort zone for. Think about how many books and articles you've read that are based on real experiences. It's very likely that these authors held some doubt about publishing their story at one point or another, too. But aren't you glad they decided to share it? Everyone has a story to share. When will you share yours?

Christie Lyons

White Light Publishing House