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5 things to do before the end of the year (Part Two) #bettermeproject

First of all, if you’ve already completed the first exercise, go you! I’m so damn proud of you, because I know how very confronting it was. Seriously, give yourself a massive hug! You’re amazing! This is just the beginning of a life changing end to 2017, and we know what that means... an empowered, more fulfilling, happier 2018. Who doesn’t want that? If you missed the first exercise, you can find it here The purpose of the first exercise was to zone in and meet yourself. How did that feel, and when was the last time you remember even doing that? As uncomfortable as it may have been, this was probably the toughest step - allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable, and not filtering anything out. You will have asked yourself those tough questions, and that in itself is something to be extremely proud of. Well done. I know it wasn’t easy, and if you’re anything like me, you likely had some additional unexpected emotions come to the surface in the process. Hopefully, you let them flow naturally, and allowed whatever needed to surface come out as they needed to. Are you ready for exercise number two? 2. Face it without fear Now it’s time to let that courage and power that you know you have in you, rise to the surface. You might shake, you might have butterflies galore. You’ll probably even have a massive lump in your throat while you do this exercise, and if you cry or feel yucky inside, just go with it for a moment. Whatever you do though, don’t procrastinate and don’t ignore any of it. It’s time to face this. Refer back to the questions you asked yourself. What answers did you get? Don’t change your answers because they might seem easier to confront, or less challenging. What answers did you get that came from your soul? Now that you have answers that are honest and real, it’s time to ask yourself the next set of questions that are going to help you make some progress. After all, there’s no point in you having dug so deep and dredged all the muck up to the surface, to just let it sit there in front of you, is there? We need to do something with it. Just as you did in the last exercise, I need to you to be strong and answer these questions with hardcore truth. No one is watching you, judging you, or has any idea what your answers will be. It’s just you and your precious heart, and it’s about time you took care of it like it deserves. This is where we get brutally honest. Real. Clear. Let’s start making a plan. A plan for getting back to who you really are. ⁃ How do I feel now that I’ve allowed myself to really see me?

⁃ What strengths have I remembered that I really do have?

⁃ What am I worthy of having in my life and why?

⁃ What needs to change?

⁃ What needs to go for good?

⁃ Other than myself, who will I reach out to for support if I need it?

⁃ What do I know that I simply must do now? Remember this. Nothing changes if nothing changes. The next three exercises will shared every fortnight between now and Christmas. As always, feel free to email  me or contact me on Facebook  with your own updates. Share your progress on social media using the hashtag #bettermeproject and you may just inspire others to join us! Let’s change our lives - together. You’ve got this. Christie xoxo 

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