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The Ebb and Flow

Whilst contemplating how I might describe myself, and what it is that I "do" one morning, I pondered some ideas of what I might say to someone who has never met me before. These thoughts became louder in my mind as I realised that I was supposed to write it down, that there is some importance to what was in there that needed to be set free from the walls of my head and shared with others. 

People who know me, know that I love to make light of situations, I like to make fun of myself as it helps me stay optimistic and humor is an important aspect of who I am. I often joke, "I should've known that, I'm supposed to be psychic." But in truth, we all are psychic, to a degree. Whether we are tapped into our potential as a ritual or a way of life - or whether we have the fleeting moments where our true selves connect with the inner, outer, divine and universal knowing... we can all access information that appears to us like a premonition, or like dejavu. But, even the most astute and seasoned intuitive can never truly know the entire future for all, at any given time. (You didn't expect me to say that, did you?)

If you go searching for 100% accuracy from a reading, no matter who delivers it, you'll likely be disappointed, my friend. Not because the messenger is inaccurate - but because consciousness is like a flowing river. It is ever changing and adapting to its surroundings, ebbing and rolling with the tide. Currents drift about in different strengths along the way - but generally there is a destination... a place where the water innately wants to go; where it inevitably will go.

The direction stays the same, but the environmental factors (the ebb and flow of the journey) may lead the waters into uncharted time and space. It is the journey - the ebbs and flows, the current and the tide - that is the most important. Not the destination.

As an intuitive and an empath, I can tell you about circumstance (the environment) from the images I receive in my mind, and the feelings that I get in my physical being. They will be accurate, depending on how best I describe them to the eager listener or the way in which I interpret those images from my own perceptions. Likewise, it can depend on how well the listener understands the undertones of the messages and descriptions, as quite often the understanding can come much later. I can tell you about the possible pathways (certain flow) but hear this - free will, the choices that each person makes can take the journey "home" on an alternate route (through uncharted waters) and self-fulfilling prophecies can also come into play (manifestation of one's thoughts.) So, it's not all black and white, in fact there are a multitude of colours to paint with! 

So, where is the destination? What is the end game? All metaphors aside, I believe the journey to finding and remembering who we truly are is long, and more often than not, treacherous. But, once we arrive there, we can reflect upon the journey behind us and revel in the knowing that with each ebb and flow, over each obstacle and snag, we have moulded this entity we are at the end (or IS it the end, really?)

In this same light, we may be able to foresee what lies ahead, and see for ourselves that our future is adaptable. The end may be written, but without all of the juicy stuff that happens in between, it would just be a beginning and an end. How mundane and boring! We didn't come here for boring!

With that in mind, if you really look deep into the events and circumstances that brought you to this very moment, what did you learn on your travels? How much love did you share? How much love in others did you restore, build or receive? LOVE is the destination, above all else. Love of SELF being one of the most important aspects.

Learning, growing, love and giving - the JOURNEY "home" is what makes life meaningful, right? You see, I love helping people who are "snagged" or stuck, who feel they are that stagnant body of water, unmoved, and helping to give them their memories back of where they are meant to go.

I love to remind people of their beauty, their perfection and their talent. I try to unlock the hidden potential in people, clear their energy of residue and wash them in a divine energy to enable them to help themselves, to EMPOWER them. They know all of this already, they do! But they have buried it deep inside, not intentionally - but when I see a hand reaching out as they drown in their own forgetfulness, I have to grab it, and I have to try.

So, it's all good to have a heads up about the forks in the road and some options that may lead to a steadier more even flow, but knowing what's going to happen, expecting every wave and snag with 100% accuracy...wouldn't that just spoil the ride?

I share this from my heart with love, and hope this resonates with all who it is intended to.

Angel Wing

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