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How your thoughts can change your life

Are you consciously aware of the thoughts that continuously run around inside your head on a daily basis?

Are you aware of whether they are positive or negative?

Are you aware, that just through your thoughts alone, you can change your life?

Are you sick of living what seems to be a stagnant life, or the sense of feeling stuck in life, whilst you see other people living the high life and having all that they desire?

Are you just sick of being sick, and just want to get healthy & happy?

Are you interested in finding out how you can change this process for the better and begin to lead a healthy, happy & successful life like those around you?

Then, you need to read this.

Almost all aspects of our lives are governed by our thoughts, and what we truly believe about ourselves to our inner core - even, and yet more importantly, right down to our health.

'Dis'ease first infiltrates the body through our thought patterns. Every single illness imaginable is generated in the body by our thought processes. Alarming news, right? But, it is a fact. Through giving a thought our attention, focus and repetitive thinking, we manifest illness and disease in our body. Let’s just use a very easy analogy to help you to understand. The thought (more often than not, negative) is the seed. When you water that seed, it will grow. The very same happens when you think a negative thought enough, you are feeding it, and in turn, it will grow and manifest in the body as disease/illness.

“We are what we think,” and “What we think, we create.”

What if I told you that you could simply change it all by changing your thought patterns from negative to positive? With this one simple action and being mindful on a daily basis of keeping your thoughts positive, you can keep your body free of illness.

Your body is a very powerful tool. It has everything within to not only create, but also to heal illness within the body through your thoughts and beliefs. The Universal Law of Attraction states that wherever you put your focus, it grows; be it negative or positive. If you stay mindful - or at the very least have an awareness of keeping your thoughts positive - you will have more positivity in your life, and your life will run more smoothly.

If, on the other hand you are a negative mind thinker, my bet is there are more than likely several things in your life that are currently not working for you, or turning out the way you would like. This fills you will sadness and brings about worry and stress, which in turn, brings about more of the same, and you struggle through life, thinking the worst. It is a vicious cycle that spins out of control.

Some people struggle with money issues or rather, lack thereof. Are you aware that the more you worry over money and the paying of your bills, the more you will see the money seemingly drain out of your bank account? This is all happening because that is where you are putting your focus, so it therefore brings you more of the same. If this sounds like you, then try to really focus upon what your main thoughts are throughout the day.

Take note of your self-talk and whether it is uplifting and positive, or negative and dragging you down. Grab a journal, write down your thoughts and over time, you will see what I mean. You may even see patterns forming that will give you an indication of where you can change direction with your thoughts to bring about positive change in your life. By practicing this on a daily basis, I promise you, you will see change in your life.

Every single thought you have is a declaration to the Universe, be it negative or positive. So when you say, “I can’t afford it. I don’t have enough money to buy that”, etc etc, that’s what you are requesting from the Universe. If you were to change that thought into ,“I am fortunate that I have enough money to pay my bills and still have fun”, then that is what you will bring about for yourself. Try it. What have you got to lose, right?

I am” statements and affirmations are very powerful. Try to bring these into your life on a daily basis and see your life transform. I am abundant, is a great affirmation for each and every one of us. Remember to be mindful and stay grounded in gratitude for all the positive things you have currently in your life to be thankful for. The Universe will bless you with more of the same.

Below, I have drafted a list of traits of negative mind thinkers and positive mind thinkers. See for yourself which category you think you fit into, and start today to change your life for the better. It’s never too late.

Negative mind thinkers:

Can often be sick or struck down with illness/disease.

Have things constantly go wrong in their life.

Can often struggle to hold down a job or show little interest in looking for work.

Don’t appear to have many friends; preferring to keep to themselves.

They feel “stuck” in their life.

They may suffer with depression.

They can sometimes have the mentality of playing the victim role; preferring to blame others for their downfalls, and not wanting to take any ownership of themselves or their choices.

They are sometimes found to abuse drugs and/or alcohol to drown their sorrows, or use it as a tool to forget or not face up to the reality of life, or to bury their pain.

Positive mind thinkers:

Will seemingly have a trouble free life.

They are usually go-getters and have successful careers.

They are usually financially stable and appear to have all that they desire in life.

They will have all the confidence to strive to reach for their goals and succeed in life.

They are generally very happy, healthy, positive people and fun to be around.

They don’t let anything get them down for long, but rather pick themselves up and move forward quite quickly.

They will always be surrounded by people and have a large network of friends.

These people generally shine from within.

We all need to stay mindful and bring more positivity into our lives. It not only keeps our bodies free of illness or disease, but will make you feel so much happier and easier to be around. Positivity breeds positivity. Be the best energy magnet you can be by keeping your thoughts positive and sit back and see how every aspect of your life can and will change for the better. “There is no one better at being you, than you.”

Ros Sharp

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