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You’re not always meant to be the peacekeeper

This is something I wrote for myself - a message to my higher self, if you will. After writing it, I felt compelled to share with you too, as there may be some of you need to hear it just as much as I do.

You’re not always meant to be the peacekeeper. You get so caught up in making sure everyone around you is happy, and jumping in all the time to keep the peace between those you love, but it’s time to stop and think about this. Is it really helping?  Sometimes the best thing you can do is step back. Step back and see things differently. How are the people you love going to learn to find their own joy, or resolve the challenges they find themselves in, if you keep stepping in to do it for them? I know it’s in your nature to do all you can to create a harmonious environment and help do your part to rid the world of negativity. It’s built into you, and you strive every single day to shine as much light as you can into others’ lives. I know how much it hurts you to see another human in pain, and your soul yearns to help them. I understand how excruciating it is when you’re surrounded by conflict or tension; especially when it involves those you hold dearest to you. But, you know what? As much as you’d like to just make it all go away by being the peacekeeper, it’s not going to help the individuals involved with their own journey. Think of it this way. Imagine when you were at school, if every time you were struggling or presented with a challenge, your teachers stepped in and took over; doing your work for you. Or, if when you were learning to walk, an adult picked you up and carried you because it was easier for you. You wouldn’t have learnt much, would you? As difficult as it is at times, you need to take a step back and look at things from this perspective. Next time you feel tempted to jump in and diffuse a situation, think about whether you’d really be doing it for the right reasons. Is it truly in the best interests of the other people involved, or is it because you feel uncomfortable? More often than not, it’s the latter. Remember, each person has their own learning to do on a soul level - that’s why we’re on this human journey in the first place. So, let them learn. Let them resolve their own conflict, without ‘fixing’ it before they get the chance to do it for themselves. From now on, know that your support and love are enough. If your loved ones need advice, they’ll ask you for it. If they really need your help, you’ll know. But more importantly, you know from experience that it’s your challenges in life that have helped you to learn and grow, and so why would you deny that to those you love, by taking over and making their problems non-existent? Let them find their own peace; their own joy - by learning from experience just as you have. That is the greatest gift you can give, and it will mean so much more when you no longer need to step in.  

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