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Anxiety - A Poem

Anxiety, Fear, A shortness of breath,

Panic attacks causing me to feel like death.

The body heats up, my minds’ running wild,

Likened to that of a fearful child.

A feeling of dread comes from deep within,

The depth of nausea to the stomach now somewhat akin.

Thoughts wreaking havoc and out of control,

And now I’m feeling like I’m in a fish bowl.

Always going to worse-case scenario in my head,

Having no energy, I just feel like going to bed.

Consumed by my thoughts going from bad to worse,

Anxiety is no fun and feels like a curse.

Unless you experience this, you really don’t know,

The impact it has on the body and how that shows.

All of this from a thought out of nowhere,

Purely by a situation or a trigger put there.

At the time, all you want, is for it all to stop,

To regather your thoughts and get back on top.

Deep breathing exercises will restore you back to calm,

Where you will see there was never any harm.

Ros Sharp

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