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Cutting cords, healing, releasing & clearing

(Forewarning: This is a doozy - it might take a few goes to read it but it's all important and relevant whenever you do set eyes on the words.)

So, Spirit has been kicking my butt this last week. With patience and love, they have been testing my faith and I'll be honest... I've been a tough nut to crack! I know one may think, "She hears voices that tell her to do things, and she just does it!" and I'm aware that it does sound insane in the literal sense of the word. However, I think it's important to share with you that from where I'm sitting, I am like a cranky, smart ass teenager with my guides at times. I argue with them constantly, (well, I question everything and they rebut with the perfect comeback of course.) I even went as far as to swear at them last week - and although I was cranky that they were restricting me from something I thought I wanted to do, I trusted the process. I adhered to my guidance, despite the fact that I couldn't see the purpose just yet. And, it paid off within a day or two. Head down, I wrote my 'lessons' in my journal as I understood why and what I learned from that. Touché universe, touché.

My point here is, it's so important to use discernment - yes follow your guidance, but if you're not quite fluent in telling the difference between your ego's voice and your guides - it's best to ask questions and challenge them. The message will be repeated until you find yourself saying "Okay guys, yes! I get the picture, geesh!" It will be undeniable. It will hit home like you wouldn't believe. It will resonate. That's so important. Discernment. Use it.

So, moving on... I had a visit (and I mean that in the spiritual sense) late one night from a figure who looked to be Egyptian, who was standing in a sandy landscape, wind blowing his cloak and sand spiraling around him. I said to him, "Hi buddy, sorry. Not sure who you are or why you're here, but I'm pretty tired - come back tomorrow." Like a flash, I'm asleep. (Confirms that my gatekeepers and angels are still guarding and protecting me and my free will. Cheers guys!

The next day, I was curious what it was about, and was feeling the urge to sketch what I saw for later contemplation. The rough sketch turned into possibly the best free hand drawing I have ever done from my mind, and voila! We meet one of my new guides. (See picture attached). So, during my sleep, even when I'm cranky with my guides and refuse to talk to them - I wake to see them updating my frequencies. Don't ask me exactly what that means. All I know is it's very technical, very energetic and obviously necessary as we shift into a higher vibration of consciousness. No, it's not scary, not at all. I feel completely at peace during this process, and generally wake feeling energetic!

One night I saw my new buddy as if he had a touch screen before him, with all of these computer graphics on the screen. He was swiping and sliding stuff up and down as if he were a scientist on one of those CSI shows - and I knew that the buzzing I was feeling was a result of some type of upgrade or download of cosmic information.

Now, I've done quite a few readings for people this week, given lots of advice and even a healing. All the while, I am made aware that the language and imagery that I have always used when counselling or educating people on techniques to help empower them - is outdated. Yup, suddenly everything I have learned and been sharing for the best part of a decade - "it's not relevant anymore. Change it."

So, my friends - you've all heard me saying, "Cut the cord" when it comes to energy vampires and energy exchanges - even blockages. No more cutting cords. And here's why. Every interaction has an energy exchange. If you're sensitive to energies and your aura and heart is open, you're attracting energy like a fly to shit (excuse my description, it's late). I have always seen energy exchanges as an umbilical cord leading from one person to many others - and often when people are unable to 'let go' or to 'detach' from a situation or person, I would suggest they enlist the help of their angels and guides to sever the connection with love. Energy is precious, we need to maintain a healthy boundary and clear regularly to ensure we're at peak performance!

So, my 'friends' said to me, "Telling people to ask another entity to do the act of detaching or severing energy connections implies that they cannot do so themselves. It implies that they need to look outside of themselves for help, to be saved. They are powerful creators, they can do it themselves. They take ownership over their body and their frequency and they have the ability to disconnect with their own power of intention, imagination and thought". Well then, okay. Sorry peeps. I can't even argue with that. That resonates. That makes perfect sense and I am all about reminding people to believe in themselves!

Angels, guides, Ascended Masters, Saints, the Almighty - whoever you turn to for assistance in your daily life - continue to do so. But when it comes to 'cutting cords' - you don't need them for this anymore! You can do it yourself, you - powerful, wonderful you! I am guided to tell you that if you struggle with this concept or you hold a sense of fear - your guides and angels can be enlisted to oversee the process - to hold the energy that only love and that of the highest good can enter your field. But as for the detachment - that's now your gig!

With the new energy and frequencies rising - our old ways of clearing are getting a little outdated. My messages this week have all been centered around "DISCONNECTING" and "UNPLUGGING" - everything seems to be going from analog to digital.C I was told the other day my "flaming sword" technique was "dramatic" - and yes, I suppose it is. But with that also comes complication. Not everyone is as theatrical as me I guess, so my guides and I had a chat about that.

If you imagine how simple it would be to pull the cable out of your iPhone or your laptop to disconnect from the power source, you can just as easily disconnect from other's energy and them from yours. If you are the power source and you have a power board attached with 20 more attached to that - and you are the source of power, how the heck do you have any energy left for yourself? UNPLUG. DISCONNECT. Get your power back. Stop letting others suck the bejeebus out of you and wondering why you have nothing left for yourself. Always with love, of course. "I love you, but I'm going to hang up now. My battery is flat."

We are rapidly moving through a transition where the new energies and even Gaia (Earth) is shifting. Everything feels different. Colour is brighter, warmth is hotter, cold is freezing - everything is amplified. Focus on the things that make you buzz and feel excited. It will feel twice as good as before! Focus on what you want, not what you don't have. Create your reality! And, it's happening faster and faster.

So, wrapping it up. Here's what you need to remember. Disconnect that which no longer serves you, or is draining your power - do so with love. (Healing may be required in the empty jack). Continue to use your discernment and enlist the divine for protection if you so feel you need it, but be responsible for your own energy exchanges.

These messages are to challenge you, and also to remind you of your brilliance, your ability to create and to gain control of your shit. Lumps and it! You're amazing, dream big!

Written with so much love and buzzing energy from my heart to yours.

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