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An unexpected blessing

Isn’t it miraculous? How someone can appear in your life, as if out of nowhere, and create such a massive shift, that you find yourself wondering why on earth you hadn’t connected with them sooner? Isn’t it incredible? This person arrives just in time. In time to shake things up; enough to help you feel safe enough to remove the mask that you’d been hiding behind, even though you weren’t even aware of doing so before. Isn’t it beautiful? This divinely timed soul sweeps in like an long awaited thunderstorm - crashing through the bullshit that you’ve told yourself, and pouring down on you like fresh rain that clears the way for you - washing away the delusions, the untruths, and the confusion that has hindered you for so long. You know this extraordinary human has come into your life to help light up the path you were always meant to take with jolts of lightning that awaken you to who you truly are. Isn’t it exciting? To know that even though this connection was so unexpected, you feel the goddess within you rising, and your hidden power coming to the surface, simply because you’ve been blessed by knowing this amazing individual.  

You know who you are. Thank you for being in my life. xoxo

Christie Lyons

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