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Embracing Self Love

Self-love is loving yourself unconditionally.

It is about having a high regard for yourself and your personal well-being. Loving yourself can be a strange concept to understand or embrace. Self-love is being able to accept all parts of ourselves. When we love ourselves - fully embracing who we are - it gives us a sense of feeling whole and complete. We are at peace and feel harmonious accepting who we are as a person.

When we love ourselves fully, we take the time to nurture ourselves, eat healthy and have good sleeping patterns. One act of self-love is giving yourself the time to be. Give yourself five to thirty minutes of meditation every day. Meditation can do wonders for our mind and soul. A simple meditation of closing your eyes and breathing in and out for a few minutes can be the start of nurturing yourself among the demands of your daily life. From here you can expand to a regular daily meditation practice.

When we are in harmony and practicing self-love, we make decisions for our own highest good. In doing so, we also send an unconscious message to the universe that we are worthy. We are worthy of nothing less but the best that life has to give us. These decisions that feel right for us personally, make us feel alive and more energetic. This also raises our own personal energy vibration, attracting abundance in all areas of our lives.

To reach this point of self-love, we need to be kind and patient with ourselves. Be mindful about the thoughts you have about yourself. What inner dialogue is running through your mind about yourself? Are they words of kindness or thoughts of not being good enough? We are often our own worst critic. As we are human with an Ego; Ego will step in with emotions of self-doubt and fear. If we overcome the self-doubt and fear that surfaces, we realise it is just a limiting emotion that doesn’t have our best outcomes at heart.

Treat yourself gently and with kindness. Move on from any past mistakes, viewing them as learning. Our experience as human is to learn and we learn through what we perceive as mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities for our learning and growth.

Self-love comes from valuing and knowing who we are. It is about being strong within ourselves and being who we are with confidence. When we fully accept who we are and are confident within, we don’t worry or think about what other people may think. Choosing what is in alignment to our values is honouring who we are; it is an act of self-love. It brings peace, clarity and truth which emanates from within. From here, harmonious friendships, workplaces, and partnerships (be it business or relationships) are formed. Being who you are, and living and following your truth attracts people who are similar or like-minded. You may find yourself letting go of old situations or patterns that no longer serve you, and find yourself in situations that are in alignment with who you are. They are harmonious, joyful and abundant.

The outside world is a reflection of our inner selves. The world deserves to see you shine and be the best you can be. This is through loving ourselves unconditionally; embracing our whole self. Self-love emanates from within. When we are in a state of love and full acceptance of who we are within our being, an energy is emitted as a high vibration from within our heart out into our aura. Within yourself there is peace and harmony which extends out like a ripple effect, benefiting the world by bringing peace and harmony. Choose to be the peace and harmony the world needs, starting with yourself embracing self-love.

Danielle Renee

Holistic Therapist – Writer Visit Danielle's website here

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