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Trust that you are where you are meant to be right now. Trust that all is well. Even if it feels like you are not where you want to be or current circumstances are feeling overwhelming and chaotic. Surrender and let go and let it be to God or the Universe to sort out the details. Life presents opportunities and also situations that are challenging for our learning. We may perceive these challenges are set backs or feel they interfere with our bigger plans or goals. There is a divine plan and purpose; we have chosen certain life lessons prior to our incarnation to complete on our mission whilst we are here on Earth.

At times we may not know why, or what reason is. Trust and listen to your inner voice, or gut feeling. Trust and let it be to God. We may get an answer revealed at a later point in time, resulting in feeling deep gratitude for the way a particular situation worked out. We may realise had we not listened to our own thoughts; if we proceeded and went against this; the end result may have been disastrous. We reflect and have gratitude for not following the other path and trust a better opportunity will come.

From my experience the Universe does look after our best interests ensuring you are safe and well. There have been times where I have heard that little voice, or followed that gut feeling and in hindsight have been very thankful that I listened and followed that guidance.

If you follow your heart or your inner guidance system and listen to your soul or inner voice you are on your path. When you ignore those feelings or stop listening to your soul or inner voice; stop following your heart we wander off our path. We do not fulfil our purpose, nor do we feel fulfilled or happy. Quite often we end up in a situation that we don’t want to be in, and end up using more energy to rectify it.

There have been times in my life, where I have no idea what to do next or how I am going to reach my end goal. I have been filled with anxiety or have been overwhelmed, not being able to make a decision at the time. When I do not know what the next step is, I wait and do nothing until something comes my way I can action on. Breathe, trust, wait and breathe some more. Enjoy the stillness and watch for the signs or opportunities that are presented to you.

In the past I have forced a goal and kept driving myself forward to reach the goal I desired. I have been totally consumed with that goal, and the end goal I have been working towards. I have wanted that goal to manifest to enable myself to move on from a situation I no longer wanted to experience. In hindsight, I was trying to force the goal to happen quickly to get out of the situation I was in. Forcing a goal doesn’t bring it any closer, it actually pushes it away further. We become rigid in how the goal should manifest and as a result we close off other opportunities with our energy. It can be like having blinkers on. We aren’t seeing the full picture and may not see other opportunities.

Rather than forcing a goal to manifest, I have learnt that I should embrace the situation I am in. If I am ready to let go of an experience, I send it love and state that I am ready to let this go. I say to myself and the Universe – I am ready for change. Rather than keep forcing, I state my goal or intention of what I want and then let it go. Rather than pushing the goal away from being too rigid, step back to allow it to unfold in its own time.

When we step back opportunities present themselves that would have been missed through being rigid in how the goal should happen and in what form. By doing this we are sending a message out to the Universe that we want this goal in this way, the Universe hears this, and then closes off other opportunities.

When we are unsure on how to move forward do nothing. It can be a dance of when to learn to let go, and when to stop and listen to our inner voice to find that clarity we are looking for. In the past I have found that when I would stop and wait for a sign or further information; I would receive the same message via different means, such as in newspapers, songs on the radio, and via different people. Once I have heard the same message three times, I would then know without a doubt the action I needed to take, which in turn has lead me to my next step along my path.

Through meditation and being still, ideas and thoughts can come to you. It may be a simple word such as peace, trust, self-love that we need to focus on. When we embrace what we are being given and act on it, it has a profound impact within yourself and those around you. This then has a ripple effect into the world, like throwing a stone into the water.

We are all at choice. We can choose to ignore our inner voice and feelings. We can choose to stop breathe, detach ourselves from the emotion and trust. We can choose to listen to our inner self and act from a place of love; trusting that when we follow our highest path we will be looked after. We can trust in the knowing that the best outcome will prevail. We can trust and know within ourselves that all will work out for the highest good.

Danielle Renee

Holistic Therapist – Writer

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