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Authentic Being

Authentic Being is having the courage to be true to yourself, following your heart and your dreams. It takes confidence and trust to accept you are perfect as you are right now. Trust that what is meant for you will come in its own divine timing.

Quite often, we are wanting the latest thing; be it an item, course or certain career; often thinking that this will make us feel complete and whole. This takes our focus away from ourselves and invalidates who we are. We are busy flitting around trying to grab external things that we lose who we truly are. Our inner dialogue can be an unending cycle of thinking once we do “x” and have “y” that then we will feel that we will be of more value. We may then continue to think that once we have “y” we are then able to be more and offer more to the world. Often, we fall into this trap of being busy trying to attain something and be something else whilst thinking we are not good enough as we are.

The best way to overcome this, is to stop looking outwards. Go within and utilise discernment - choose what is in alignment with your own internal values and listen to your heart. You are perfect as you are, right now in this moment. You are good enough; there cannot be another you. You are unique and irreplaceable. Value you who you are, no one has experienced your life but you. There may be common threads in your life with others and their own experiences. However, your life is your own individual and unique journey. We express ourselves though our own unique experiences from our own individual perspective.

Have confidence within yourself to allow yourself to be vulnerable, showing your real authentic self to the world. Look at what you can do or offer right now in this moment from your unique journey. Live and act your own truth, not someone else’s version of you. It takes confidence and trust. When you doubt yourself or your abilities, let everything go and come back within. Give yourself some time in a quiet environment, breathe and connect within. Meditate if you wish and let it all go. Give yourself space to go within and let everything else go. Come back to your own self and inner wisdom.

Have faith and trust in who you are and speak your truth with love. Being true to yourself, following your heart and your dreams is honouring and valuing who you are. Rise above the challenges that are presented, embrace your true self following your own individual path. Who knows where your journey will take you? One thing I feel whilst on your journey of life being your authentic self, you will feel whole, calm, centred and at peace.

Holistic Therapist – Writer

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