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Make Room

It’s time to make room. I’ve been having this conversation a lot lately, and I know it to be true because it’s happening in my own life - right before my eyes, and rapidly. Very rapidly. So much so, that I’m wondering why I hadn’t done it before. What do I mean by ‘making room’? The more you carry around in your heart, the heavier it is, right? So, the more you release stuff that you don’t need anymore, the more room you’ll make for the good stuff. Lightening the load, so to speak, but it’s real, I promise you. It may sound quite simple, and can range from getting a small task out of the way that you’ve been putting off, or having that dreaded conversation you’ve needed to have for a very long time, but everything here is important. The more daunting the thing you’re carrying, the more room it’s taking up. Therefore, the more ‘room’ you make, opens up for all the good shit to come in. Make sense? It could be a number of things that you need to address, each of which make more and more space, and once you start working your way through these things, I swear to you that you’ll notice the difference, and you’ll want to keep going. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months, and wowee, I am seeing everything in a brand new light. Opportunities are suddenly opening up, I’m noticing things I’ve never noticed before, and most of all, I feel lighter and happier! Try some of these, and let me know how you go. Get that annoying chore out of the way (you know, the one you keep putting off). Have a vent to someone you trust. Just blurt it all out. Try expressing what you’re feeling (on paper or verbally). Have that conversation that needs to be had (even if it scares the shit out of you). Start saying no (or yes), but make sure it’s for you. Walk away from any toxic relationships you have that you know are damaging you. If you can’t do all away entirely (they may be family), then either tell them what you really think and feel, or let it go. Some relationships are only there for learning purposes. Change your mind if you want to. It’s your life. Take a break without feeling guilty. We all need it. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. It’s a huge sign of strength. Cry. Sob if you feel you need to. Stop umming and ahhing, and just make a decision one way or another (you know what I mean, because something would have popped into your head right away). The most important one: let go of control. Do your best in every moment to just live in the now. I’ve done all of these things (and more) recently, so they’re not just things I’ve come up with willy nilly. In doing so, I’ve made so much more room in my heart for the good to come in, and boy oh boy, it’s flowing in nice and quickly! So, what are you carrying around that needs to go? Make some room now. I promise you it will be so worth it. 

Lots of love, Christie xxx

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