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Changing Your Life Story

Our individual story in life is made up of various energy vibrations and experiences. We come into this world with our own energy; bringing what lessons we have chosen to learn, along with inheriting our parent’s energy and our ancestor’s energy. How we live and what we do with our energy is up to us.

This energy along with our individual experiences, perspectives and emotions we carry; are what can make our internal and external story of life. We choose how we want our own life story to be. Consciously or unconsciously. Some of our story is pre-chosen and I believe there is an element where we have the choice to choose how we allow certain events to define us.

Our life story may be of happiness regardless of what we have endured physically, mentally or emotionally. Alternatively, our story can be one of anger, hatred and resentment that has consumed us. We can choose to change this around and change our story by working through the emotions, changing our perspective and attitude. We can choose to be an inspiration to others by moving through our life lessons.

An example of this could be is someone is angry towards you, and seems it has come out of nowhere. Ultimately it is about their own stuff; it is not about you. They have their perspective on life which shapes their opinions, their own self judgements and beliefs. It is their own internal story that they may be putting on to others through their actions and interactions. It could also be highlighting an aspect of yourself that needs to be looked at and worked through to heal.

Reflect back to a time when someone imposed their internal story on to you - what has happened? Have you absorbed their energy and changed your own story by melding it with their story? Or did you stand strong and reflect it back like a mirror and say to yourself, “not my stuff”? There is a difference between empathising with others and taking on their energy that then in turn, changes our story. Others expectations and opinions can influence our own growth and happiness if we choose to listen to their story.

I can remember as a young child being told I sang too loud when I sang as a group activity. Feeling so self-conscious I stopped singing for a short time, then started singing again quietly. I can remember in High School being told that my speaking voice was annoying. So, I became quieter and didn’t speak out in class. I didn’t answer questions and became very self-conscious. I took on opinions of others and allowed this to affect me. This then translated in my early working career of not speaking my truth during times allowing others to speak me in a disrespectful manner. I took on others opinions and changed my story and also reaffirming an existing story by internalising and not speaking my truth. I allowed others to impose their beliefs and values on to me. I remained silent and when faced with a situation I would energetically shut down. I was to scared to speak my truth. This translated into throat issues such as tonsillitis.

I worked through this and built my self-confidence and self-determination. I worked to change this part of the story, and learnt to speak my truth in a loving way.

It takes courage and effort to change our story. Sometimes a catalyst will enter to highlight an aspect of ourselves, that then can enable us to reflect, change and grow. We can change our story through being self-aware, being conscious of our emotions and our reactions during a situation. Through self-development and our own desire, we can change, grow and create the life we want for ourselves. Not a life dictated by others expectations and opinions.

We can choose our life story to be one of resentment, anger, hate of self and others. We can choose to be limited and confined by dis-ease, or choose to overcome or embrace these perceived obstacles. We can use these obstacles and transform them to create a story of self-love, inspiration, joy, happiness, gratitude, health and abundance.

Don’t let the past define who you are right now. Be in the present moment where you have the power and choice to write your own life story to be what you want it to be.

Danielle Renee

Holistic Therapist – Writer

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