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Domestic Violence - A Poem

Violence comes in many forms

But none to be dismissed,

We need to get the message out

And not be so remiss.

Albeit men or women

It doesn’t discriminate,

It really can happen to anyone

Now escalating at an alarming rate.

A raised voice, a curse word

A moment enraged with anger

Words are very powerful

And at times can spell out danger.

A feeling of walking on eggshells

Often fearing the worst,

Waiting for a bomb to go off

Not knowing what’s going to come first.

Being made to feel so worthless

Demeaned, belittled, full of shame,

Stripping you of any self esteem

And punishing you with blame.

Made to feel like you’re never enough

Controlling all that you do,

Called every name under the sun

All the while manipulating you.

Then, oftentimes it escalates

To come in the physical form,

A blackened eye, a bruised or battered body

And a new monster has been born.

Filling your life with fear

Being too scared to leave,

Protecting your little cherubs

In yourself you need to believe.

You need to find the strength within

To knock this on its head

Get the word out, report it!

And leave this evil for dead.

Because you deserve a better life

Indeed, as do your children,

You need to break this cycle

For the sake of your dear grandchildren.

Children can only live what they know

This isn’t the life you’d planned,

They’d rather come from a broken home

Then live in one. Do you understand?

You can start your life all over

I’m living proof of that,

I’m not saying it will be easy

But no longer will you be a doormat.

The emotional scars will always remain

They never go away,

But you will find your smile again

And breathe life into each new day.

You’ll find a renewed sense of pride

For having the strength to leave

And very soon discover

That all you really needed to do was believe.

Ros Sharp

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