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Dear Papa

‘You will always be my yesterday, just as you showed me while you were here on earth, that tomorrow follows by Hope.’ ~ Your daughter, Rosa.

“Once was yesterday.

Today follows by Tomorrow.”

What happens to a child who longs for her papa, when the world as we know it, gives permission to celebrate him one day of the year?

It may either surprise you or leave you filled with unanswered questions. It has been well over thirty years since the Father’s Day we had last together.

Should I struggle to re-cap the day or leave it as a memory of how your fabulous smile covered your face from one end to the other?

Perhaps it was the way your hair shone bright through the spring sun, laying its rays upon your crown?

My once upon a time, was exactly that – yesterday.

Yesterday you were here, holding me tight, while I would hear your heart beat.

My today is the realization of the memory, of that last Father’s Day was had. Was I really only fourteen years old so long ago?

My yearning to fill my memories of you, can become clouded through the dampness of my lashes.

However, you feel my love on this worldly Father’s Day, I want you to feel this love from me every day.

I wonder, and I ponder. Will my giving be accepted with gratitude, just as you showed me how?

My words to you, Papa, may be simple and yet make no sense to another.

My dear Papa,

Your desire to embrace creativity and expression is inside of me.

Can you see it?

I am the woman that you showed me to be through you.

Can you see it?

Your grandsons’ fill my heart with the love that you would not ever have yearned, for they love, just like I loved you then, as I love you today, as I will love you tomorrow.

Can you see it?

You will always be my yesterday, as you showed me while you were here on earth, that tomorrow follows by Hope.

Rosa Carrafa

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