I’m not okay, but I will be (Part 2)

I’m not okay, but I will be. Oh yes, I will be. 

A few days ago I wrote a blog post about me not being okay right now, but knowing that I will be. While I’ve always been someone who openly expresses my emotions, I must admit that putting myself in such a public, vulnerable place in that piece of writing was hard for me to do. Mostly because I like to believe that I’m a strong and empowered woman (most of the time), and admitting that I’m in a vulnerable place right now felt as though I was dis-empowering myself - as a Mum, as a business owner, and as someone who helps other people on a daily basis.

BUT, I’ve realised that sharing my vulnerability is not dis-empowering at all. In fact, it’s the opposite.

So, I’ve reminded myself of a few things over the last couple of days, and I hope that for anyone who might be feeling the way I have lately, you may acknowledge this for yourself too.

Allowing myself to be vulnerable helped me to remember:

I AM strong, and what I’m going through is only increasing my strength. It is however, healthy to ask for help when I need it.

I have so much incredible support around me - more than I realised. It really is safe for me to talk about what I’m going through.

I am allowed to have some time out when I need it. I need to look after myself.

The lessons I’m learning through this phase in my life - just like all the past ones - are helping me to become an even better Mum, an even more empowered business owner, and giving me the tools and experience to help more people, on an entirely different level.

I may be going through some stuff right now that’s overwhelming, but I know that I will be okay. In fact, I’ll be more than okay. This is just another part of my journey that’s helping me to become more, well... me. I will get through it, stronger and wiser than ever before.

Christie Welsh