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From Focus to Forever

I closed my eyes and focused into the unseen distance, the outside light barely penetrating my eyelids making them appear almost translucent in the bright afternoon light. To reach the place I was seeking required following a tried and tested method of being aware of every breath by following it in to my lungs and releasing it again very slowly and deeply. It always results in a heightened state of awareness and a feeling of consciousness being released from the bonds of the body. The music playing in the background gently suggested a higher purpose for this meditation and hinted briefly of the day’s destination. “In the night, in the stormy night, she’ll close her eyes. In the night, in the stormy night, away she’d fly and dream of Paradise.” Coldplay’s Paradise was providing the background track and as I focused deeper, the light began to change almost imperceptibly toward a deep blue and out of the distance an orange ball of light approached, morphing and changing shape as it closed in. Is that a face? Yes, and I recognise it. Logos. The Light had come to see me. Stopping just out of reach before me, the light hung suspended in the blue background, changing to the shape of a person covered in what appeared to be a cape; a cape that was now being removed and swirled around its form, changing colour as it did so to a bright yellow, inviting me as it did so to come closer. In that moment, the music increased in intensity and the voice grew to be more of a choir as a new set of lyrics echoed across the deep blue. “In the Light, In the bluest light, he’ll open his eyes. In the light, the bluest light, away he’ll fly and dream of Paradise, Paradise, Paradise.” I willed myself forward and immediately found myself surrounded by a cavernous tunnel that continued into the distance, seemingly forever. I was moving now, involuntarily and very fast. The figure stayed at the same distance in front as we continued to accelerate to a blur. The cape swirled and we broke free of the tunnel, out into a vast, endless blue, floating as if a cloud, surrounded by silence now and the overwhelming sensation that I was actually somewhere inside myself. Patches of the blue were beginning to form into circular openings, revealing a scene below being radiated by light. Once again I felt or sensed an invitation to move forward. Doing so, I was suddenly startled and realised the scene below was of me, sitting, slightly reclined in the lounge room. “What is it that you really want Robert?” Immediately the scene changed and we were looking into the local tavern and the winning Keno numbers on a large jackpot. Once again the cape swished around and the colour changed from blue to orange with a deep red hue. It immediately made me feel ill at ease and I wanted out of there. The cape obliged and I opened my eyes, stretched out and said out loud, “Wow”. I understood the lesson and realised in the moment that I had already been given a gift of untold riches that nothing in physical form could ever hope to match. Lesson well learnt today and a lesson that I must pass on so that others may know the richness of Spirit. Nothing on this earth and no physical experience can ever hope to replace the infinite joy of the unseen world that awaits us all. I returned to my work on the manuscript I was writing when a message notification popped up on the screen. It was an urgent message from Esmeralda, one of those online psychics who trawl for foolish people seeking riches. I had previously sent a reply to her, pleading for her to cease her nefarious activities as she would only bring harm on herself in the long run. Still she persists and her urgent message to me made me chuckle as it said, “Robert, I know you are desperately unlucky and very unwell. Only I can help you get well and have the riches you deserve, for only $79 you can have the secret to wealth”. Foolish woman, I laughed to myself. If only she knew, I already held the great riches of the universe within me and owed my life to the Infinite power of Spirit. A debt that I will continue to repay by showing others the path to the Light, until my time comes to return home. Today has been a day well spent. May you in reading this, experience the unbounded joy of being connected to Source and the realisation that we are all One. Go in peace, love and happiness, wherever that may take you.

Robert Harbottle Eternally grateful brain cancer survivor

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