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You have a Choice

I believe that life is all about choices, and it’s as simple as that. Of course, we all have painful moments that occur throughout our lives, challenges, heartache, trauma, you name it. But it’s what we do with these experiences that make the difference between living in misery or being happy (which is what we ultimately want, isn’t it?) No matter what you’ve been through, you always have a choice. You can choose to remain a victim; replaying and focusing on what’s gone ‘wrong’, or you can choose to do something about it to turn it around. It is always, always your choice. Now, some may say that it’s all well and good for me to say that - I’m not in your shoes, I haven’t lived your life. No I haven’t, but it’s not as if my life has been all smooth sailing. What would be the point in that? What would I learn? How would I grow? Of all I’ve been through, I could very easily play the victim and live my life complaining about all the stuff I’ve been through. I could close my heart off and not let anyone else in because of the pain that I’ve experienced. I could distrust everyone to make sure I don’t get abused again. I could mope around saying, “Why me?” at every opportunity. I could shy away from taking chances in life because I might fail or be rejected. I could just say, “What’s the point?” But I don’t, because just like all of the above are choices, I know that there are far better options for me. I make choices that take me out of that victim mentality. Rather than seeing my past experiences and setbacks as reasons for me to live in misery, I choose to do something about it. I choose to seek help when I feel I need it. I choose to learn from my experiences. I choose to use what I’ve been through to my advantage; as tools for growth. Are you seeing a pattern here? Choices. We all have them. It’s all about the ones you make. You may not always be in control of what goes on in your life, but you are in control of the choices you make. It really is that simple. So, what choices are you going to make from now on? It’s up to you. 

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