Surrendering to the Universe

Surrendering always confused me. Even though I have had great success with, it is still something I continue to practice and work at.

Surrendering is connected with manifestation, a crucial part of the process. The idea is to be as specific as you can when asking the universe for anything. By that I mean that you focus on manifesting certain characteristics and aspects of the object you desire without determining the exact object. So, if you want a car, you ask the universe for the characteristics of the car, not which car you want. You don’t point to a car and say, “I want that one!”

The second thing is that you believe from inside that you will get what you want or something better. This is one aspect of surrendering. You may not get the thing you ask for, but you may get something better.

The third aspect is that you give control to the universe to act and make it happen. Don’t overthink it; every time it pops into your mind surrender it again.

Here is one of the stories that I manifested before even knowing the tricks about the Law of Attraction:

I applied to immigrate to Australia 5 years before I got the visa. The visa got postponed more than the time that it should take for many reasons.

I almost lost the hope of getting the visa. Every time the immigration came to my mind I would get angry. I fought with my husband many times because it was his fault we didn’t get the visa. Then there was a period of time during which I decided not to be angry about the subject and surrender it to GOD. Every time the subject touched my mind I said this prayer, “GOD you know that I want to immigrate to Australia; I surrender it to you. If the immigration is for my highest good facilitate it; I don’t know how. And if the immigration is not for my highest good then please show me the way which is better for me.”

Months later, without doing anything - other that replying to all emails that I received from the Australian immigration department – I got the visa! Honestly, I was expecting them to ask for more papers!

This is exactly the equation of surrendering-- have a complete trust and faith in the universe and don’t overthink how it may happen. Only act when your inner voice asks you to act, and be sure that you are not doing anything to make the manifestation come to reality faster. Don’t act when you feel you are doing it from a position of fear or doubt.

One of the biggest stories in history about surrendering, just to show you it is an ancient, universal law and not a new phenomenon, is the story of Moses. When he was born in the period where all little children are killed, his mother made an ark and placed her son in it. She put the ark in the river when the king’s daughter happened to be passing by the river. She believed in GOD that her son would be saved and he was!

The thing that we really need these days is the faith that all will be good--believe and your life with be amazing!

Zahra'a Sharif