Get Help From Spirits

Spirits are available to all for help. They love us unconditionally, regardless of our beliefs, religion, attitude and are always willing to help.

They can help with each and every aspect of our lives: healing, making money, finding jobs. . . The important thing to remember here is that we have free will, no one will help us, even angels, if we don’t ask.

Things spirits can help us do:

Manifestation Spirits help in manifesting whatever you want in your life, whether that be more money, a better job or house, a more romantic love life… anything that you think of. This also follows the Law of Attraction.

I know lots of people who have read books or took courses on manifestation, attempted to apply the techniques, but still ended up with great failures. Because of this, they do not believe that we can really manifest miracles. The thing is, the way I look at this process is akin to building a castle. If one piece is missing, the castle cannot be properly built.

Getting guidance You may receive guidance from the spirits, whether you need help solving a difficult situation or need guidance taking a new step in your life, such as a new relationship or career move. It is a good practice to ask the spirits to guide you through the day upon waking up every morning.

Life purpose Our souls came to this earth with divine assignment. As humans, we may end up doing a job or playing a role in life that is not fulfilling. However, your soul will never stop wanting what it came to the life to experience. Sometimes people don’t have any idea what their life purpose is, or maybe they know but they’re nervous to go down that path because of finances or fear. But believe me, knowing your life purpose and working to achieve it is more pleasurable and satisfying that you could ever imagine.

Spirits can help you discover what your life purpose is and can help you achieve it.

For me, the most important thing is to surround myself with good beings, to raise my vibration and consciousness. It reminds me of a story my parents used to tell me. It’s about putting a rotten apple in a basket of fresh ones. After a few days, all the good apples will be rotten. The same concept applies to friends, family members, and any other beings that surround you. If you are surrounded by people with negative energies, you will feel that you are becoming negative and vice versa. Angels always surround me with positive energy, so I feel uplifted and happy.

Information that you can get, or channel, from spirits. Many great books were channeled from angels, such as healing modalities, information and guidance for yourself and others. Example of healing modalities channeled from spirits is the Pellowah

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Zahra'a Sharif