Pellowah as the purest form of energy for healing

In the Pellowah manual, Kachina mentioned that you will be drawn to Pellowah. Pellowah is a healing session that you may study if you are at a crossroad, or find yourself a physical or emotional crisis.

I believe I experienced this when I arrived in Australia. I felt as though I was on the edge of life. I was no longer enjoying things and just lived for my children. Yes, there were signs of anxiety and depression, but it also felt like a calling to find my purpose and achieve happiness.

I felt like I was 20 years older than my age, and I asked myself so many times, “Is this the life that I meant to live? As a beautiful, smart woman at her end of 30’s who felt like life was incredibly difficult and as though she hadn’t achieved anything?”

I saw a social worker and psychologist; they did nothing other than letting me understand how miserable my life was! In my point of view, I wasn’t strong enough to know what exactly was distracting me and cut it from my life.

When I first studied Pellowah I wasn’t sure what exactly it would be doing other than what I had read. That it was a form of healing that connects all 12 strands of DNA ready for activation. It also unblocks and realigns all meridians within the body giving a feeling of connection and well-being.

But would I really feel that change or it would it remain for me like ink on paper, or the collagen pill that I take every morning hoping that it will boost the collagen in my skin and help me look younger?

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I was manifesting the change in my life that I had so strongly hoped for: To feel that life is worth living, and is has into it more that eating, sleeping and raising kids.

That change wasn’t easy. It was painful, very painful. Just imagine how it feels being taken from your normal, routine, boring life and thrust into another place, perhaps with nothing other than your faith. And to be told, “This is where you should be. This is the right place--your path. At the beginning it will feel like the end, as though you can’t function anymore in this life, but when you decided to stand on your feet and start walking again you will realise how blessed you are. The change that you never dare to even talk to yourself about, the universe will do it for you.

More than one time I heard Kachina, the founder of Pellowah saying, “The spirits asked a person, ‘are you ready for change?’ The person answered: ‘what should I sacrifice?’ and the spirits answered ‘you are not ready yet!!’”

This is not to say that the change will always be or should be painful or immense, but rather that there will be a noticeable and perhaps jarring change. Just remember, GOD doesn’t select the qualified, He is qualified to select.

From my experience once the change happened, and once you are placed in the proper place you will realise that nothing matters more than achieving the purpose that you came to the earth to achieve, and the journey will be peaceful, joyful, and you will enjoy the life like nothing before!

Today whenever I teach and attune a person to Pellowah and I focus on this part of the manual:

“A person will come for this form of healing when they are drawn to it. Usually it will be at a crossroads in their lives. Some may be in physical or emotional crisis. Mostly, though, the person will just know that this is what they want to do.”

And without waiting for any form of agreement from the students, I say, “And you are!” And I pray silently that their placement on the path is a gentle one.

Zahra'a Sharif